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December B 2019

      1. Practical Implementation of Family Law Online Dispute Resolution
      2. Jewish Holiday Guide for Custody/Visitation Schedules
      3. 7 Money Lessons Every Young Family Lawyer Should Learn
      4. Stress-Free Practice: 12 Tips to Help You Get There

December A 2019

      1. Online Dispute Resolution and the Future of Family Law
      2. Obtaining & Presenting Social Media Evidence During eDiscovery
      3. 5 Tips for Dealing with Complainers: Both In and Out of the Office
      4. 3 Effective Ways to Boost Your Collection Rate

November B 2019

      1. Challenging Retention Bias and Adversarial Allegiance in Expert Testimony
      2. Addiction and Mental Health Issues Among Family Lawyers
      3. How Artificial Intelligence Could Impact the Future of Family Law
      4. Family Law Professionals and Technology: Survey Results

November A 2019

      1. Podcast: Rod Moe on the Role of the Forensic CPA in Divorce
      2. The Economic Reality of Maintenance Post TCJA
      3. Do Expert Witnesses’ Opinions Depend on Who Hired Them?
      4. Using Pay-Per-Click Advertising to Generate New Family Law Clients

October B 2019

      1. What Family Lawyers Must Know About Pre-Marital Estate Planning
      2. I-Pass Tollway Data, Divorce, and Privacy
      3. Can Pre-Marital Military Years Become Marital in a Pension?
      4. Mobile Apps and Software for Family Lawyers

October A 2019

      1. Podcast: The New Tax Laws for Trust Income Following Divorce
      2. 6 Tips for Running Your Law Firm Remotely – and Keeping Hackers Out
      3. Fighting Over Custody of Frozen Embryos
      4. Reducing Manual Work to Improve Family Lawyer Well-Being

September B 2019

      1. What Every Family Lawyer Should Know About Trust Accounts
      2. How Artificial Intelligence Could Impact the Future of Family Law
      3. Expert Opinions: Hired Guns vs. Objective Experts
      4. Slack to Increase Your Family Law Team’s Productivity

September A 2019

      1. What Family Law Practitioners Must Know About the New Tax Laws
      2. Report from the Custody Committee of the ABA’s Family Law Section
      3. How Cloud Practice Management Software Transformed My Family Law Practice
      4. The Next-to-Vest Coverture Formula

August A 2019

      1. Four Divorce Risks that Could Threaten Your Clients’ Intergenerational Wealth
      2. Hiding Income and Assets at the IRS
      3. Ethical Considerations in Complex and High-Asset Divorce Cases
      4. New Study Finds Surprising Inconsistencies in Child Support Rates

July B 2019

      1. Gathering, Organizing, and Presenting Evidence
      2. Family Lawyer’s Guide to Legal Technologies and Collaboration Tools
      3. Discovering and Seizing Non-Disclosed Cryptocurrency Assets in a Divorce
      4. 3 Techniques to Reduce Stress & Increase Productivity in Your Family Law Practice

July A 2019

      1. The Future of Family Law: Moving Towards a Mobile Practice
      2. The Legal Consumer Has Changed – Are You Keeping Up?
      3. CRM: Energizing Your Law Firm’s Marketing Strategy
      4. 7 Meditation Techniques for Lawyers to Increase Productivity and Reduce Stress

June B 2019

      1. Does Your Family Law Firm Have a Cybersecurity Strategy?
      2. Valuation Methodology Demystified
      3. Podcasts: The Perfect Practice Promotion Tool for Family Lawyers
      4. Exploring America: Take a Trip to Texas

June A 2019

      1. Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Family Law: a Quick Trip Down the Cryptocurrency Rabbit Hole
      2. Saying Goodbye to Birthright Citizenship in America
      3. Best Practices for Family Lawyers
      4. Succession Planning for Family Businesses

May B 2019

      1. How a Time and Billing Software Can Increase a Lawyer’s Billable Time
      2. A Holistic Approach to the Financial Aspects of Divorce
      3. The Best Courtroom Strategy: Stay Out of Court!
      4. Laws to Discover and Prevent Financial Elder Abuse
      5. Child Support for Special-Needs Children: Hazards and Unintended Consequences

May A 2019

      1. Do You Know How to Draft a Flawless QDRO?
      2. Cross-Examination of the Transactions Method of Valuation
      3. 6 Takeaways on the TCJA and Alimony
      4. 4 Reasons to Bring Your Financial Expert to Divorce Mediation
      5. The Divorce Attorney’s Toolbox

April B 2019

      1. Video Marketing Your Family Law Firm
      2. Personal Injury and Divorce
      3. Valuation Methodology Demystified for Closely-Held Businesses
      4. 6 Suggestions for Becoming a Happy, Healthy Lawyer

April A 2019

      1. Serving Divorce Proceedings in Foreign Jurisdictions
      2. A Tale of Two Family Law Appeals
      3. The Right Legal Billing Software Makes all the Difference
      4. 3 Techniques to Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity in Your Law Practice

March B 2019

      1. 4 Tips to Prepare for a Successful Family Law Mediation
      2. Financial Decision-Making for the Divorcing Woman
      3. Toxic Stress and High-Conflict Cases
      4. A Dog’s Breakfast: How Family Law Treats Dogs in a Divorce

March A 2019

      1. ADR Pros and Cons in Family Law Practice
      2. Rainmaker Tips: 14 Ways to Grow Your Practice
      3. Why Financial Experts & Lawyers Must Collaborate in a High-Net-Worth Divorce
      4. Mindfulness and Stress Reduction for Family Lawyers

February B 2019

      1. All Company Values Are Not Created Equal
      2. Family Law Mediation: A Response to the Rising Pro Se Tide
      3. Social Media Advertising: The New Frontier
      4. 6 Ways to Prepare for Clients with Non-Cash Compensation

February A 2019

      1. Lessons Learned from the Jeff Bezos Divorce Filing
      2. Who Should Keep the Engagement Ring on Divorce?
      3. The Benefits of Prenuptial Agreement Mediation
      4. Valuing an Early-Stage Company in Marital Dissolution
      5. Emotional Security for Family Lawyers

January B 2019

      1. 3 Effective Ways to Boost Your Collection Rate
      2. Cyberstalking, Hacking, and Spyware in Family Law Cases
      3. Red Flags in Valuation Reports
      4. Understanding Income Taxes in Divorce Matters: a Courtroom Perspective

January A 2019

      1. Business Valuation and Forensic Accounting in Family Law
      2. In Divorce, is the Double-Dip Concept a Misconception?
      3. Technical SEO & New Google Ranking Factors
      4. IRC Section 1031 and Delaware Statutory Trusts

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