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The COVID Effect: Adapt and Create

Download FREE Family Lawyer Magazine Special COVID issueInstead of mailing a printed magazine to your office, this special COVID-19 issue is only available in an electronic format – a first for us. The stay-home orders combined with the potential danger of handling a magazine that has been through the postal system convinced us to adapt to our new reality by creating a PDF for you to download at your convenience at home or wherever you may be sheltering right now.

We have also seized the opportunity to bring you six Zoom interviews with family lawyers and other professionals on the subject of COVID and your practice. This is another first for us, and you can watch for more of these video interviews in the future.

Since the pandemic began, we’ve been scouring the Internet to learn what the best and brightest have to say about this global crisis. Like you, we wanted to know about the best ways to keep our families (including our work families) safe, what our lives will look like post lockdown, and whether our “new normal” is here to stay.

In a nutshell, here’s what we’ve concluded: family lawyers who are willing to change their mindset and adopt new ways of doing business can grow their practices significantly – both during and after the pandemic. This includes embracing technology and marketing on a whole new level. This conclusion is based on actual traffic statistics to our websites, recent conversations with our new and existing family lawyer clients, and interviews with business coaches. You can read about this in “COVID: Surge in Divorce and Family Law Firm Marketing” (page 15) and “Gaining Market Share During & After COVID-19” (page 26).

All articles and videos in this special digital issue are devoted to helping you navigate COVID-19 while taking advantage of every opportunity to maintain or even grow your law practice over the coming months and years.

Download Family Lawyer Magazine’s Special COVID-19 Issue Here

We hope this issue inspires you to adapt and create new thinking, strategies, and processes that are not just necessary for survival but also empowers you to take actions that improve your practice, your life, and the lives of your clients.

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