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Turbulent Times: Challenges and Opportunities

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Times have been turbulent on all fronts: your health, career, business, family, finances; the court system; the economy; and the social/political landscapes have all been shifting. We at Divorce Marketing Group, the publisher of and Family Lawyer Magazine, have witnessed the impact of such (ongoing) changes on family lawyers and their clients.

Turbulent times present both challenges and opportunities. Family law firms that are flexible and have focused on online marketing had the most to gain. Some of those who were unable/unwilling to change have closed up shop. Happily, most of our clients have told us that they are thriving – although some have gone separate ways from their business partners. Kudos to those who were brave enough to open a new family law firm during the pandemic!

As you adjust to reopening in person, signs of the new normal have already emerged. Some family law firms have decided to offer both in-person and virtual consultations, and some are planning for a hybrid (in-person and remote) work model for employees. A trend that we have all witnessed is the shortage of workers/staff, which will impact your employees’ pay, the cost to your practice and clients, and the need for new systems and automation.

In this issue, we are focusing on practice management to increase your efficiency and effectiveness. You will find advice on how to handle the client from hell (page 16); reassure your emotional clients who are likely more stressed than ever (page 42); improve your intake process (page 24); and collect money from clients (page 9). Three lawyers and a financial expert also share the best advice they ever gave their clients (page 10).

We offer thought-provoking articles on making your virtual office permanent (see page 40) and why remote deposition technology is essential (page 22).

In keeping with the ever rising trend towards being online, we have included articles to help you get more clients through online Google Reviews (page 12) and increase cybersecurity to prevent data scraping (page 30).

As usual, there are topical articles on critical issues such as cryptocurrency and taxes (page 6), assessing new/evolving digital assets and income streams (page 36), and the surprising impact of shared parenting on children (page 28).

Finally, if stress is your constant companion, we recommend that you make meditation, Harvard-style (page 46), a daily practice.

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