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In times of uncertainty, it’s easy to get distracted. Those who stay focused, plan, and adapt as they go will rise above the rest, even before the dust settles.

The pundits say a new normal is coming – but what about now? The world is changing, with or without the pandemic. The world has been changing for family lawyers since we started working with them over 25 years ago.

In 1995, we founded a publishing company, launching Divorce Magazine and simultaneously in early 1996. As the world changed and digital media started to replace print media, we morphed into the only marketing agency dedicated to helping family lawyers grow their practice.

Technology and marketing have played an ever-increasing role in client service and practice management for many years. In 2020, their importance was magnified a thousandfold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Internet and cloud-based services became essential due to social distancing. This includes software and apps for case management, interactions among employees, with the courts, and with clients and prospective clients. Those who have embraced new technology and online marketing are industry leaders, and they are reaping the benefits now.

In 2020, visits to increased by 128% over 2019; the majority of that increase happened between May and December. On January 2, 2021, we had a record day in traffic to the website. This is tangible proof that your prospective clients are increasingly looking for divorce information and lawyers online, and this will be part of the new normal.

Did your business increase in 2020? Are you poised to get a share of the increased business through the internet for years to come?

This issue offers articles that will help you stay focused and plan for your success by embracing marketing and technology. For example:

  • Marketing Planning for Success (p. 10),
  • 4 Tech Tools for Marketing Your Family Law Practice in 2021 (p. 24),
  • Using Google to Generate Leads for Your Practice (p. 28),
  • Why Lawyers Should Pay Attention to Social Media (p. 32),
  • Website Best Practices for 2021 (p. 20).

To help you take care of yourself, your clients, and your practice, check out:

  • 5 Key Legal Trends for Family Lawyers in 2021 (p. 6)
  • 2021: The Year of Zero AR (p. 14),
  • What Family Lawyers can Learn from Client Tax Returns (p. 19),
  • Finding Hidden Assets & Fraud in Divorce (p. 26),
  • Why We Mentor Our Associates (p. 40),
  • 5 Signs You are Suffering from Legal Fatigue/PTSD During COVID (p. 34).

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