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2022 marks Family Lawyer Magazine’s tenth anniversary. To celebrate this milestone, we decided to focus on thought leadership – highlighting changes in the culture and practice of family law over the last 10 years, and shedding light on what the future may hold.

To that end, our Publisher Dan Couvrette and our Editorial Director Diana Shepherd recorded multiple 20- to 40-minute video interviews and podcasts – all of which are available on – with thought leaders in family law to create the “Thought Leadership Interview Series”.

We also invited one of our Advisory Board members, Sharon Klein, to conduct a Roundtable with past and current AAML presidents to discuss advancements in family law (page 8).

We have condensed these interviews down into many of the articles in this issue, including:

  • The Past, Present, and Future of Family Law (page 14)
  • Improving Efficiency and Client Satisfaction (page 22)
  • How Empathy Contributes to a Lawyer’s Success (page 26)
  • The Forensic Psychologist’s Role in Custody Cases (page 30)
  • Cybersecurity Strategies for Family Lawyers (page 38)

If you are wondering what family lawyer marketing looks like, check out the article “Family Law Firm Marketing in 2032” on page 6.

The entire team at Family Lawyer Magazine would like to thank our readers, writers, bloggers, and Advisory Board Members for your support and contribution over the last 10 years.

We especially want to acknowledge a dear friend and a family law attorney who was a giant in family law until he passed away in 2020: Steve Kolodny. Steve helped us start this magazine, and he was an Advisory Board Member and content contributor until he passed away. Thank you again, Steve, you helped make our magazine possible.

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Thank you for the Last 10 Years!

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