Lawyers Rave about Family Lawyer Magazine

Steve Kolodny, Managing Partner, Kolodny Law Group, praises Family Lawyer Magazine

Comments from other family lawyers:

“I love your magazine, keep them coming. It’s great content for any Family Lawyer!”

Barbara Peyton

“I want to tell you the Family Lawyer Magazine (hard copy) is the absolutely best magazine for me, ever!!! I’ve gotten more helpful advice from that magazine than from the last 10 seminars I’ve attended!! Thank you so much, Cathy”

Cathy M. Cardozo, Esquire

Law Offices of Catherine M. Cardozo, LLC

“I was happy to get the premier issue of your “Family Lawyer Magazine.” It is a good magazine for family law attorneys and I am quite sure that all family law lawyers would be happy to get the magazine.”

A. Momjian

“I am a family law attorney practicing in San Luis Obispo County, California. I recently read your company’s magazine ‘Family Lawyer’ cover to cover and thoroughly enjoyed it. The articles were relevant and interesting.”

Rae Jean Shore

“Your Family Lawyer magazine this month was a grandslam!! (That’s American for a great success). ‘Way to go.”

Mark A. Chinn, Attorney At Law Chinn & Associates, PC

“Dan, I just read two articles from your current issue and was impressed by “How You Deal With Stress” and “Reason or Emotion?” which should help fill serious gaps in many people’s tool box.”

Grier Raggio

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