Family Lawyer Magazine eNewsletter Archive – 2017

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December 2017

  1. Stop Wasting Billable Hours
  2. Are You Afraid to Tackle Complex QDROs?
  3. Stand Out from the Competition
  4. Putting Gold in Your Golden Years

November 2017

  1. 1st Draft of House Reform Bill
  2. Next-to-Vest Coverture
  3. High-Status Lawyers & Health
  4. Attorney-Client Agreements

October 2017

  1. Technology: Cybersecurity in 2017
  2. Marketing Your Firm: Personal Branding for Lawyers
  3. Spousal Support: Maintenance and Cohabitation
  4. Health & Well-Being: 10 Practical Steps to Being a Profitable, Happy Lawyer

September 2017

  1. Practice Management: Building a Better Legal Practice
  2. Legal Issues: Representing Clients in Same-Sex Relationships
  3. Client Relations: 5 Tips for Managing International Clients
  4. Health & Well-Being: The Importance of Breathing

August 2017

  1. Financial Matters: Grey Divorce: It Gets Complicated
  2. Alternative Dispute Resolution: Civility and Family Law – Not an Oxymoron
  3. Marketing: 7 Strategies to Attract High-End Divorce Cases
  4. Technology: Cybersecurity: What’s a Family Lawyer to Do?

July 2017

  1. Financial Matters: The Pitfalls of Managing Discovery
  2. Case Management: Benefits of Positive Procrastination
  3. Health & Well-Being: Emotional Survival Manual for Family Lawyers
  4. Pensions/QDROs: Social Security and Divorce

June 2017

  1. Client Relations: Crafting an Attorney-Client Agreement
  2. Business Coaching: Good Work Alone Won’t Grow Your Business
  3. Practice Management: 5 Strategies to Increase Productivity
  4. Alternative Dispute Resolution: Making a Mess a Bigger Mess

May 2017

  1. Legal Issues: To Appeal or Not to Appeal
  2. Financial Matters: 5 Ways Financial Advisors Can Assist Family Lawyers with High-Net-Worth Divorce
  3. Technology: Email Hacking on the Rise
  4. Health and Well-Being: Right-Brain Lawyering: Attorneys and the Importance of Art

April 2017

  1. Financial Matters: Best Practices for Using a Valuation Expert
  2. Practice Management: 5 Practical Tips for a Paperless Family Law Office
  3. Technology: Apps to Propel Your 2017 Efficiency
  4. Client Relations: What Drives a Client’s Financial Goals and Attitudes?

March 2017

  1. Financial Matters: Business Valuation and the Double Dip Problem
  2. Property Division: Divorce Liens: An Alternative to Splitting the Family Home
  3. Client Relations: Emotional Milestones in Divorce
  4. Practice Management: Managing Virtual Employees and Making It Work

February 2017

  1. Business Coaching: No Value Equals No Business
  2. Valuation: Fairness and Economic Reality in Business Valuation
  3. Trusts and Estates: Protecting the Estate During and After Divorce
  4. Health & Well-Being: The Importance of Breathing

January 2017

  1. Practice Management: 3 Big Threats Facing Small Law Firms
  2. Marketing Your Firm: 7 Strategies to Attract High-End Divorce Cases
  3. Legal Issues: Ensuring the Enforceability of Prenuptial Agreements
  4. Health & Well-Being: How to Make Horse-Sense out of Nonsense

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