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December B 2018

  1. Can an Online Payment Technology Change Your Law Practice?
  2. What Family Lawyers Should Know About the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
  3. The Mobile Lawyer: 5 Tips to Protect Client Data
  4. International Child Custody & the Hague Convention

December A 2018

  1. Is Divorce Becoming a Tax Strategy Game?
  2. 5 Strategies To Help Your Divorcing Clients
  3. Utilizing Civil Litigation Techniques in High-Conflict Divorces
  4. False Allegations of Child Abuse in Custody Litigation (Part 2)

November B 2018

  1. How the TCJA Affects Families – Divorcing or Intact
  2. The Art of Advocacy: A Q&A with Stephen Kolodny
  3. Helping Clients with Mental Health Issues Cope with Divorce
  4. Using Technology to Improve Your Family Law Firm’s Bottom Line
  5. False Allegations of Child Abuse in Custody Litigation (Part 1)

November A 2018

  1. Mental-Health Professionals & High-Conflict Divorce
  2. Practical Advice for Separating Digital Lives During Divorce
  3. Growing Your Practice By Using a Mentor
  4. Separation, Divorce, and the Surrogacy Process

October 2018

  1. 9 Reasons Why Lawyers Quit Practicing Law
  2. Old Divorce Agreements and the New Tax Bill
  3. I Can’t Sleep: Insomnia and the Family Lawyer
  4. 5 Content Marketing Strategy Principles for Law Firms

September 2018

  1. Child Abduction Cases Under the Hague Convention
  2. 18 Key Elements in Financial Experts’ Engagement Letters & Written Reports
  3. What Women Want from a Divorce Lawyer
  4. Beautiful Bhutan: A Bucket-List Must for Travelers

August 2018

  1. Proving Cohabitation in Spousal Support Cases
  2. Child Support Software – Risks and Benefits
  3. Email and Discovery
  4. Ensuring the Enforceability of a Prenuptial Agreement

July 2018

  1. Thought Leaders and Changing Technology in the Valuation Profession
  2. New Bill Will Affect New York Maintenance Awards
  3. How to Create a Good Attorney Client Relationship
  4. Emotional Survival Manual for Family Lawyers

June 2018

  1. Ways to Help a Client Who is Outside the “Financial Loop”
  2. The Value of Business Coaching for Family Lawyers
  3. Stress-Free Practice: 12 Tips to Help You Get There
  4. 7 Tips to Maximize Your Summer Marketing

May 2018

  1. Forensics Technology & Family Law
  2. How to Avoid Security Breaches
  3. Reversing the Tax Burden of Alimony
  4. Social Media and Family Law Cases

April 2018

  1. Discrimination Against Same-Sex Couples
  2. The Spy in Your Client’s Pocket
  3. 2 Changes That Impact Your Website’s Google Ranking
  4. New Tax Law Helps & Hurts High-Net-Worth Divorce Cases

March 2018

  1. Authentication of Digital Evidence
  2. Cryptocurrency Considerations in Divorce
  3. Reproductive Rights Technology
  4. Financial Aid and Divorce

February 2018

  1. 5 Tips for a Successful Initial Consult
  2. Hiding Income & Assets at the IRS
  3. Circumventing a Trial Court’s Ruling
  4. Common QDRO Missteps

January 2018

  1. Life Insurance and Divorce
  2. 10 Case-Winning Witness Prep Tips
  3. 6 Financial Advice Mistakes to Avoid
  4. A “90 in 90” Collection Rate

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