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December C 2020

      1. How COVID-19 Has Changed the Practice of Family Law
      2. The Perils of Password Security for Family Lawyers
      3. Canadian Bar Association Names its First Indigenous President: Brad Regehr

December B 2020

      1. The Accidental Father and Paternity
      2. Forensic Accounting Considerations in a Fiduciary Setting
      3. The Midas Curse & Family Lawyers

December A 2020

      1. Top Ten Tax Considerations in Divorce
      2. WATCH: Growth and Profitability in Your Family Law Practice
      3. Diffusing Emotions in Emotional Cases – Building Trust

November C 2020

      1. WATCH: Running a Business While Practicing Family Law
      2. Why Family Lawyers Should Start Making Instagram Reels ASAP
      3. Nuts and Bolts of Enforceable Prenuptial Agreements – Part 2

November B 2020

      1. Prenuptial Agreement: Can You Make it Enforceable & Keep Your Client Happy? – Part 1
      2. Which Category Should a Family Lawyer Use in Google My Business?
      3. WATCH: 7 Ways to Improve Your Family Law Firm Website

November A 2020

      1. The Accidental Father and Paternity
      2. 6 Tips for Overcoming Overthinking
      3. Tips for Online Reputation Management for Family Lawyers

October B 2020

      1. What Family Law Practitioners Must Know About Stored Genetic Material
      2. WATCH: How Google My Business Can Help Your Family Law Firm Grow
      3. A Federal Court Hearing Was Hacked. Can You Avoid Zoombombing?
      4. Reviewing Personal Tax Returns: A Forensic Guide for Family Lawyers

October A 2020

      1. 6 Secrets to Secure More Clients With Your Website
      2. Remembering Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
      3. 4 Trends in the Changing Legal Services Market
      4. Effective Individual Therapy Can be Integral to Successful Family Law Mediation
      5. Pennsylvania’s Presumption of Shared Custody Bill: Pitfalls and Problems

September B 2020

      1. Podcast: The New Tax Laws for Trust Income Following Divorce
      2. WATCH: Make Your Website More Effective with Chatbots for Lawyers
      3. Preparing for Hostile or Aloof Appellate Panels at Oral Argument – Part 2
      4. How to Create a GMB COVID Post: Tips for Family Lawyers

September A 2020

      1. WATCH: Strategic Planning for Family Lawyers During COVID-19
      2. Hot Tips for Divorce Settlement Strategies in the COVID Era
      3. How To Become Invisible (and Hide Assets): What Family Lawyers Must Know
      4. The Underlying Problem with Our Family Law System
      5. The Contractual Approach to Assisted Reproductive Technology Litigation

August B 2020

      1. Podcast: Financial Information Family Lawyers Need to Negotiate the Best Deal for Clients
      2. 7 Tips for How to Be the Lawyer a Domestic Violence Victim Needs Most
      3. Gender-Based Discrimination in Family Law: Forging a Path in a Man’s World
      4. How the Family Court System Fails Black Fathers – and How You Can Help
      5. Preparing for the Appellate Court’s Questions at Oral Argument – Part 1

August A 2020

      1. Gaining Market Share During & After COVID-19: 3 Steps To Take Now
      2. 4 Tips for Managing Your “Work Family” Remotely
      3. Establishing Your Family Law Firm’s Brand on LinkedIn
      4. Living Your Life’s True Purpose During and After COVID-19

July B 2020

      1. Leveraging Life Insurance in Premarital Planning & Settlement Agreements
      2. Protecting Your Client’s Investments in the Face of Divorce
      3. Are Divorce and Family Lawyers Seeing More Work During COVID-19?
      4. 5 Tips for Family Lawyers Riding Out the COVID-19 Pandemic
      5. WATCH: How Family Law Firms Can Increase Referrals

July A 2020

      1. WATCH: Business Growth During COVID-19
      2. Taking Your Family Law Case to Virtual Court: How to “Appear” When Your Appearance is Virtual
      3. Why Family Lawyers Should Care About the CARES Act
      4. Coping with Coronavirus Fatigue
      5. If Black Lives Matter, Black Dads Must Matter, Too

June B 2020

      1. COVID-19: Surge in Divorce and Family Law Firm Marketing
      2. How to Reduce Stress During this Pandemic
      3. 3 Tips for Moving Forward During COVID
      4. Survey Results: COVID-19 and Your Family Law Practice

June A 2020

      1. Stephen Kolodny, a Giant in Family Law Litigation, Has Passed Away
      2. Running a Law Firm Remotely During COVID-19: Challenges and Solutions
      3. WATCH: Conducting Trials Using Zoom & How Technology Can Help Courts Cope Post-COVID
      4. Practicing Family Law During COVID-19: Preparation is Key

May B 2020

      1. WATCH: Top Tips for Negotiating Premarital Agreements
      2. WATCH: What Family Lawyers Should Know About the CARES Act
      3. Child Support in a Pandemic-Broken Economy
      4. 4 Ways Divorce & Co-Parenting Apps Benefit Lawyers as Much as Clients

May A 2020

      1. WATCH: Custody Conflicts and Maintaining a Successful Family Law Practice During COVID-19
      2. Defining “Habitual Residence” in the Hague Convention
      3. 4 Tips for Family Lawyers Working from Home During COVID-19
      4. This Is How We Do It: Estate Planning in the Time of COVID-19

April B 2020

      1. What Family Law Practitioners Must Know About Life Insurance
      2. Drawing the Line Between Corporal Punishment and Child Abuse
      3. Values-Based Language: the Initial Meeting with Your Family Law Clients
      4. 4 Strategies for Family Lawyers to Generate Qualified Leads Online

April A 2020

      1. Could COVID-19 Lead to More Divorce Settlements with Less Family Suffering?
      2. Should Family Lawyers Consider Hybrid Billing Arrangements
      3. Business Interruption Insurance and COVID-19: Are You Covered?
      4. 6 Best Video Conference Tools to Communicate with Your Colleagues & Clients

March 2020

      1. Running Your Family Law Practice Remotely During the Coronavirus Pandemic
      2. What Family Law Practitioners Must Know About Changing Trust Interests
      3. Does Your Family Law Firm Have a Cybersecurity Strategy?
      4. WATCH: Family Lawyer Magazine Recognizes Moura Robertson

February 2020

      1. Podcast: The Benefits of Becoming an AAML Fellow
      2. What Family Lawyers Must Know About Modifying “Irrevocable” Trusts
      3. 6 Tech Resolutions to Help Family Lawyers Work Smarter – and Safer
      4. Family Lawyers: Are You Learning to Fail or Failing to Learn?

January 2020

      1. Family Lawyer Magazine’s Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2019
      2. Estate Planning for a Pending Divorce: What Family Lawyers Must Know
      3. Jewish Divorce and Family Law: The Ketubah and the Get
      4. Bolstering Litigation Skills with Trial Institute Experience

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