Family Lawyer Magazine eNewsletter Archive 2014

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Fall 2014

  1. Practice Management: Lawyer Reputation Management: What’s in an Avvo Rating?; Special Needs Children
  2. Financial: Retaining a Financial Expert Early Pays Dividends; Three Common Pitfalls in the Formulation of QDROS
  3. Technology: Overcoming the Top Five Billing Challenges; The Paperless Practice
  4. Health and Well Being: Zen and the Family Lawyer

Summer 2014

  1. Legal: Establishing and Disestablishing Paternity in a Divorce Case
  2. Family Lawyer Life: Addiction and Dependency Among Family Lawyers
  3. Support Payments: Insuring Child and Spousal Support Against Disability
  4. Practice Management: Grow Your Family Law Practice Through Referrals
  5. Financial: Credit Harm & Divorce: An Overlooked, Recoverable Injury; What to Look for in a Valuation Expert; Protecting Your Client’s Assets in a Divorce Using DAPT
  6. Case Management: The Power of Acceptance in Divorce
  7. Client Relations: Options for Selling Valuables During Divorce

Spring 2014

  1. Courtroom Strategies: Courtroom Tips from the Top
  2. Ethics: When Friends Complicate Trials
  3. Marketing: A Mercedes-Benz Family Law Division?
  4. Managing Your Firm: Ask Not What Your Firm Can do for You
  5. Financial: Standard of Value for Marital Dissolutions
  6. Custody: The Many Benefits of Hiring a Parenting Consultant
  7. Case Management: Choose Your Strategic Partners Wisely

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