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February B 2021

      1. 2021: The Year of Zero AR
      2. How to Prepare for a Zoom Trial (Hint: Don’t Appear as a Cat)
      3. Divorce Lawyers & Financial Advisors Must Work Together During COVID-19

February A 2021

      1. PODCAST: What Family Lawyers Can Learn from Client Tax Returns
      2. Marketing Planning for Success: Tips for Growing Your Practice in 2021
      3. Teens Addressing the Court: A New Rite of Passage?

January C 2021

      1. Avoiding Self-Sabotage and Attorney Burnout
      2. WATCH: Can Text Messaging Get You New Family Law Clients?
      3. Family Lawyer Magazine’s Top 10 Most-Read Articles of 2020

January B 2021

      1. WATCH: Using Google & Texting to Generate Leads for Your Practice
      2. Values-Based Language: Targeted Language for Successful Sessions
      3. Family Lawyer Co-Authors Book on the History of American Rights

January A 2021

      1. Negotiating the Best Financial Settlement for Your Divorcing Clients
      2. 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Resilience in 2021
      3. How I Became an Award-Winning Sculptor

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