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March 2020

      1. Running Your Family Law Practice Remotely During the Coronavirus Pandemic
      2. What Family Law Practitioners Must Know About Changing Trust Interests
      3. Does Your Family Law Firm Have a Cybersecurity Strategy?
      4. WATCH: Family Lawyer Magazine Recognizes Moura Robertson

February 2020

      1. Podcast: The Benefits of Becoming an AAML Fellow
      2. What Family Lawyers Must Know About Modifying “Irrevocable” Trusts
      3. 6 Tech Resolutions to Help Family Lawyers Work Smarter – and Safer
      4. Family Lawyers: Are You Learning to Fail or Failing to Learn?

January 2020

      1. Family Lawyer Magazine’s Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2019
      2. Estate Planning for a Pending Divorce: What Family Lawyers Must Know
      3. Jewish Divorce and Family Law: The Ketubah and the Get
      4. Bolstering Litigation Skills with Trial Institute Experience

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