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April B 2019

      1. Video Marketing Your Family Law Firm
      2. Personal Injury and Divorce
      3. Valuation Methodology Demystified for Closely-Held Businesses
      4. 6 Suggestions for Becoming a Happy, Healthy Lawyer

April A 2019

      1. Serving Divorce Proceedings in Foreign Jurisdictions
      2. A Tale of Two Family Law Appeals
      3. The Right Legal Billing Software Makes all the Difference
      4. 3 Techniques to Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity in Your Law Practice

March B 2019

      1. 4 Tips to Prepare for a Successful Family Law Mediation
      2. Financial Decision-Making for the Divorcing Woman
      3. Toxic Stress and High-Conflict Cases
      4. A Dog’s Breakfast: How Family Law Treats Dogs in a Divorce

March A 2019

      1. ADR Pros and Cons in Family Law Practice
      2. Rainmaker Tips: 14 Ways to Grow Your Practice
      3. Why Financial Experts & Lawyers Must Collaborate in a High-Net-Worth Divorce
      4. Mindfulness and Stress Reduction for Family Lawyers

February B 2019

      1. All Company Values Are Not Created Equal
      2. Family Law Mediation: A Response to the Rising Pro Se Tide
      3. Social Media Advertising: The New Frontier
      4. 6 Ways to Prepare for Clients with Non-Cash Compensation

February A 2019

      1. Lessons Learned from the Jeff Bezos Divorce Filing
      2. Who Should Keep the Engagement Ring on Divorce?
      3. The Benefits of Prenuptial Agreement Mediation
      4. Valuing an Early-Stage Company in Marital Dissolution
      5. Emotional Security for Family Lawyers

January B 2019

      1. 3 Effective Ways to Boost Your Collection Rate
      2. Cyberstalking, Hacking, and Spyware in Family Law Cases
      3. Red Flags in Valuation Reports
      4. Understanding Income Taxes in Divorce Matters: a Courtroom Perspective

January A 2019

      1. Business Valuation and Forensic Accounting in Family Law
      2. In Divorce, is the Double-Dip Concept a Misconception?
      3. Technical SEO & New Google Ranking Factors
      4. IRC Section 1031 and Delaware Statutory Trusts

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