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December B 2022

  1. WATCH: Wealth Shock – High Asset Divorce, Volatile Markets, and COVID
  2. Does Companionship Merit Court-Ordered Access to Children?
  3. Separation Agreements Shouldn’t Gag Abuse Allegations

December A 2022

  1. Are Political Differences Driving Divorce?
  2. 5 Ways Family Lawyers Can Thrive in a Fast-Paced Work Environment
  3. “Tech Abuse”: What Family Lawyers Should Know

November B 2022

  1. Creating a Business Strategy: What Family Lawyers Need to Know
  2. November Tip: Help Clients Develop a New Philanthropic Identity After Divorce
  3. 5 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self After Law School Graduation

November A 2022

  1. WATCH: Wealth Shock 3 – Top Tips for Negotiating High-Asset Divorce Cases
  2. What Lawyers Can Learn from the January 6th Committee
  3. Thought Leadership Interview Series

October B 2022

  1. WATCH: Wealth Shock 2: How COVID Continues to Impact High-Asset Divorce
  2. Prosecuting or Defending Custody Cases Involving Sex Abuse Allegations
  3. Using Financial Analytics in High-Conflict and High-Net-Worth Divorce Cases

October A 2022

  1. WATCH: Wealth Shock 1 – How Volatile Stock & Real Estate Markets are Impacting High-Asset Divorce
  2. 3 Key Lessons Family Law Teaches Us
  3. 5 Stress and Anxiety Relief Techniques for Lawyers

September B 2022

  1. WATCH: Why Family Lawyers Burn Out – and How to Avoid it
  2. Financial Tips for Family Lawyers | 6 Top Tips for Clients who Remarry
  3. 38 Thoughts for 38 Years Practicing Family Law

September A 2022

  1. Explaining “No-Fault Divorce” to a Client Seeking Moral Vindication
  2. 7 Warning Signs of Depression in Family Lawyers
  3. 8 Tips for a Financially Fair Divorce Settlement for Your Clients

August B 2022

  1. Defining & Determining Business Goodwill in Divorce Settlements
  2. How (and Why) to Encrypt the Data on Your Devices
  3. Remote Work, Hybrid Models, & Family Lawyers: 3 Success Strategies

August A 2022

  1. Top Ten Family Law Cases from the Last Ten Years
  2. 10 Myths About Personality Disorders
  3. Why We Love the Practice of Family Law

July B 2022

  1. PODCAST: Racism and Discrimination in Family Law
  2. WATCH: Business Valuation Past, Present, and Future
  3. Advocacy Tip: Direct Examination 101

July A 2022

  1. WATCH: Why Lawyers Must Keep Up with New Technology
  2. WATCH: The Forensic Psychologist’s Role in Custody Evaluations
  3. WATCH: Mediation and the Good Karma Divorce

June B 2022

  1. WATCH: Embracing Technology & the Future of Family Law
  2. WATCH: Be Careful (and Sparing) with Your Words in Court
  3. Cybersecurity Strategies for Family Lawyers

June A 2022

  1. New Study Connects Lawyer Well-Being & Employer Values
  2. How to Protect Yourself from Compassion Fatigue
  3. Confidence and the Family Lawyer

May B 2022

  1. Family Law Firm Marketing in 2032
  2. WATCH: How Empathy Contributes to a Family Lawyer’s Success
  3. The Past, Present, and Future of Family Law

May A 2022

  1. WATCH: Advancements in Family Law – A Roundtable with 3 AAML Presidents
  2. WATCH: Technology & Automation to Streamline Law Firm Operations
  3. Depp vs Heard Case Provides Teaching Moment

April B 2022

  1. Jurisdictional Disputes During a Pandemic: Temporary Absences Under the UCCJEA
  2. Identifying & Understanding Parental Alienation
  3. Can a Family Court “Break” an Allegedly Illusory Trust?

April A 2022

  1. Bully for You: 5 Steps to Defeat Courthouse Bullies
  2. WATCH: The Past, Present, and Future of Collaborative Practice
  3. Tax Season Reminders to Save Your Clients Money and Stress

March B 2022

  1. Identifying High Conflict Cases from the Start
  2. The Enemy Within: Are Your Thoughts Sabotaging Your Success?
  3. Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans and Divorce

March A 2022

  1. Ensuring Civility in Family Law
  2. Parenting Plan Pitfalls: the “First Right of Caretaking” Clause
  3. Military Retirement & Divorce: A Guide for Family Lawyers

February B 2022

  1. Take New Clients With a Psychological Grain of Salt
  2. The Rise of Gig Economy & What it Means for Divorce
  3. End-of-Day Rituals: a Crucial Practice for Family Lawyers

February A 2022

  1. Winning Parental Alienation Cases: A Roadmap for Family Lawyers
  2. What All Family Lawyers Should Know About Domestic Violence
  3. Can a Family Mediator be Compelled to Produce Case Notes & Files?

January B 2022

  1. 9 New Year’s Resolutions to Make for Resilience in 2022
  2. Family Lawyer Magazine’s Top 10 Articles From the Past Decade
  3. To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate?

January A 2022

  1. Federal Employee Pensions and Divorce: What You Must Know
  2. A Different MDMA: Military Divorce, Malpractice, and the Attorney
  3. Reassuring an Emotional Client: “I Do This Every Day”


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