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Alistair Vigier

Alistair Vigier is the CEO of ClearwayLaw.com, an online legal marketplace designed to help the public identify and connect with appropriate legal representation based on legal needs and budget. In 2017, he won the BCBusiness "30 under 30" Award – a list that recognizes exceptional new business talents – for his role in helping a law firm raise over $1m for its expansion. In 2018, he started his own family law firm in Toronto. The law firm eventually turned into an online legal marketplace in Canada. In the next few years, Alistair Vigier plans to expand to the United States, with a model similar to Avvo, but with many improvements. As the CEO of a Chinese technology company, he works 12 hours day, six days a week, and afternoons on Sundays. He regularly travels between Vancouver, Toronto, Shanghai, and Beijing to meet with clients and business partners. Since the burnout rate in the legal industry is high, three of the things he constantly protects are his time, energy, and health.

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