March 2015

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Google: Make your website mobile friendly by April 21!
Google recently announced search results will favor mobile-friendly websites.
You can fix this in just a few days — time is running out! Learn more.
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Call for Submissions: Do You Handle High-Stakes Divorce Cases?
The theme for the next issue of Family Lawyer Magazine is high-stakes divorce, and we’re looking for article submissions on this topic from legal, financial, and mental-health professionals. For more information, watch the video here.

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In this issue:

  1. Financial
    If It’s Not Admissible, Why Complete an Economic Damage Claim?
    By Georg Finder, Credit Damage Expert
    If you make the effort to pursue an economic damage claim on behalf of a client, be sure the claim is admissible in court.
  2. Legal
    Revisiting UIFSA’s Spousal Support Rules
    By Melissa F. Brown, Family Lawyer
    An explanation of the often-overlooked rule that spousal support can only be modified by the state that issued the initial order.
  3. Technology
    Is Your Website Really Smartphone Friendly?
    By Martha Chan and Dan Couvrette, Marketing Experts to Family Lawyers
    When your prospective clients visit your website on their smartphones, can they phone, email or locate your office with just one touch?
  4. Practice Management
    Drawing Customers to Your Family Law Practice
    By Dan Lear, Director of Industry Relations, AVVO
    How your family law practice can stand out among, and even blow past, the competition.

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