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Martha Chan is a marketing expert for family lawyers and divorce professionals. She is the co-owner and Vice President of Marketing for Family Lawyer Magazine, Divorce Magazine, and Divorce Marketing Group, a marketing agency dedicated to promoting family lawyers and divorce professionals. She has been a marketer, speaker and educator for 35+ years and provided her marketing expertise to many fortune 500 companies. Over the last 10 years she has been focusing solely on marketing family lawyers and divorce professionals.


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    Susan Hayes

    All due respect to the writer of this article, however you missed the point of the court ruling…furthermore, when was the las time you heard of a couple with a $50 thousand dollar income in a courtroom dispute? Kudos to Christine McCain for enduring what had to have been a very stressful situation, not to mention being displayed in the public eye…I have meet Michael McCain, and I do need to express my disappoint in his behavior towards Christine, what an insult to their children and their marriage of 30 years. There was a time when I had respect for Michael! Also you read the autobiography of the late Steve Jobs…he was bi-polar!

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    martha chan

    My point is: what is the value of me signing an agreement, when I then can turn around and challenge what I have signed.

    I don’t know this couple personally and my comments are not personal to them anyway. If Mr. McCain had disputed the signed contract and wanted to reduce the amount he agreed to pay his ex, I would have made the same comments. You signed it, honor it. Take responsibility.

    Thank you Susan for your point of view.

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      The signing of an agreement can only be valid if it is between two consenting adults. A document signed under duress should never be valid.

      The McCains were forced to sign or faced being disowned. That sounds like pretty heavy duress to me.

      The extent of consent is blurry however. How much the duress impacted the signing of the prenup is uncertain and up to debate by the lawyers.

      There is no clear ruling to make here. The judge erred on the conservative side of striking it down.

      To my knowledge, the law doesnt specify the extent of duress that makes the signing of an agreement void. Therefore I believe he made the legally correct decision.

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