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In 1969, Dr. Laurence J. Peter and Raymond Hull published a book entitled The Peter Principle: Why Things Always Go Wrong. “The Peter Principle” the eponymous law coined by Dr. Peter, is a management concept suggesting that employees in a hierarchical company tend to rise to their “level of incompetence” after being promoted enough times.

As a skilled, knowledgeable, hard-working family lawyer, you may have risen through the ranks from associate to partner – or you may even have gone on to found your own law firm.

Unfortunately, your skills and experience as a successful lawyer are unlikely to help you deal with new technology, billing, and marketing to attract new clients. Hence the Peter Principle: you may now have to spend less time practicing family law and more time managing your practice – a task that your successful legal career might not have prepared you for.

This can be a big problem for small firms and solo practitioners, who may lack the client relations, management, and marketing skills and support to build or maintain a thriving law practice. If that describes your firm, then take a look at:

  • Video Marketing Your Family Law Firm (page 6)
  • Best Practices for Family Lawyers (page 10)
  • Podcasts: the Perfect Practice Promotion Tool (page 18)
  • How a Time and Billing Software Can Increase Your Billable Time (page 20)
  • Does Your Family Law Firm Have a Cybersecurity Strategy? (page 22)
  • The Legal Consumer Has Changed – Are You Keeping Up? (page 28)
  • CRM: Energizing Your Law Firm’s Marketing Strategy (page 49)

If you are a practice management savant, you will find plenty of other interesting articles in this issue – from courtroom strategies to legal and financial issues to life outside the office. Speakers from the May 2019 AAML/BVR National Divorce Conference offer reasons to bring your financial expert to mediation (page 32), tips on how to cross-examine an expert witness who has used the transactions method to value a business (page 34), and six key takeaways on the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act and alimony
(page 48).

Since the practice of law is innately stressful, this issue also offers two articles to help you care for your physical and mental health: “Take a Trip to Texas” (page 40) and “7 Meditation Techniques to Increase Productivity & Reduce Stress” (page 42).

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