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Ashish Joshi

Ashish Joshi is the owner of the Joshi: Attorneys + Counselors law firm in Ann Arbor, MI. Mr. Joshi’s work focuses on complex family law matters including severe parental alienation, pathological child enmeshment, child abuse, and international child kidnapping.

He has counseled or represented clients in state and federal courts across the United States and internationally, including in India, the United Kingdom, Canada, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, the British Virgin Islands, Japan, and China.

Mr. Joshi has been admitted to the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States, State Bars of New York, Michigan, District of Columbia, and Gujarat, India.

Ashish Joshi has published a number of articles and co-authored and authored books on parental alienation and child abuse, including Litigating Parental Alienation: Evaluating and Presenting an Effective Case in Court (ABA Book Publishing, 2021).

He serves as a senior editor for Litigation, the journal of the American Bar Association’s Section of Litigation, on the Advisory Board for Champion, the journal published by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and on the board of directors of the Parental Alienation Study Group.

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