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    Mr. Robinson your article came at a very poignant time of my life. After retiring from a wonderful and rewarding career with the federal courts, I decided to open my own office and assist undocumented immigrants pro bono. Then Trump happened and there has been very little I can do to “win” cases for immigrants. Immigration law changes from one day to the next. It has been very disheartening to say the least. I was seriously considering closing my practice. After reading you article, I may hang in there a little longer. If I am objective, the past six years have not been so bad. You are correct. We tend to focus more on our “losses” than on how well we have done the job for our clients. At 67, I feel I can touch so many more lives. Thank you.

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    Thank you, I have continued practicing through cancer and injury. I just feel it is getting to be time to find something less stressful.
    I applaud those who are able to keep bouncing back and serving with character and honor.

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    Jeff Scheiner

    I like and feel your pain and understand completely. Fortunately for me, I have been a California licensed attorney for 27 years where I taught thousands of law school grads how to take and pass the MBE component of their respective bar exams. This was an insurmountable and fulfilling way to avoid going to court and dealing with clients etc. I have taught in over 88 law schools across the country and now find myself unable to do what I have been so grateful and respected. It’s all internet preparation now! These law grads today can’t sit through a 3 or 6 hour lecture. It’s bewildering and I consult with Bay Area law school deans etc and explain this simple reason for why pass rates are so low and morale non existent- I now draft wills and trusts in Sonoma county and struggle with competition from do it yourself outfits! It’s time to review life I think. Maybe move to Florida and get a horse farm in Wellington. Maybe just be a bum and go fishing every day and contemplate how nice it is to be away from the law altogether? Any ideas or strategies are welcome- I just remind myself to breathe deep and be happy for my family. Wisdom is always appreciated- cheers

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    Divorce lawyers

    I really appreciate everything you’ve said in here, but specifically the part about the kids being the most important thing. 

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    After 34 years of successful practice it seems to me that we general trial lawyers, at least those of us that have gained vast knowledge from having tried so many different types of cases in which we had to acquire specific knowledge of the subject matters in order to be able try each case, have become relics. One of the first questions I am frequently asked is ” What is my specialty”? I hate that question. I don’t have specialty, other than a meticulous knowledge of evidence law that gives me a frequent courtroom advantage. I can try almost any type of civil matter, so where’s the specialization there? I got fed up, litigants are not interested in ideals, only in “outcomes”. Judges are younger than me and often ask me to “educate” them on technical points. Then you lose a winnable case and don’t sleep for days wondering what you could have done differently. I decided to quit. 34 years was long enough for a person to do only one thing. I wanted something else for the “next” part of my life. It took me two years to extricate myself from my practice and from my cases and clients. Now I can deal with own life problems and emotions instead of those of the clients that paid me to deal with theirs.
    P.S. I haven’t looked back and I’m fine!

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    Please is there anyone who can help me? I am in Arkansas and my kids need help! Please… I don’t have the money to hire a lawyer and their father is a bad man with a really “good” lawyer. blesstheeverything@gmail.com

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      Martha Chan

      I would suggest that you contact the bar association in Arkansas to see if they can suggest any legal aids and lawyers who would do pro bono cases.

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    … the reason you couldn’t win any more immigration cases was not because of Trump making it harder for you, but because Obama made it easy for you 🤨

    … by the way even with Trump in office immigration attorneys are winning cases so I don’t know why you say that you couldn’t win any more.


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