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Cathy Meyer

Cathy Meyer is a Social Media and Content Director at Divorce Marketing Group and the Managing Editor of DivorcedMoms.com, one of Divorce Marketing Groups’ online publications targeting women in the aftermath of divorce. Before joining Divorce Marketing Group 5+ years ago, she spent 11 years as a content curator, editor, and social media marketing expert for The New York Times. She is certified by The New York Times in both Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. Cathy has curated, developed, edited, written, and produced valuable content and resources for divorcing people, family lawyers, associates, and divorce-related products and services for 15 years, and she plays a crucial role in the social media side of our family law marketing team. Over the last three years, Cathy has taken the DivorcedMoms.com Facebook page from 5,000 followers to over 31,000 followers. Many of Cathy’s articles, podcasts, and videos have received thousands of views: for example, this video, in which she discusses the changes women need to make to lessen the stress of dealing with a narcissistic ex, has been viewed by over 27,000 people.

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