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    William Kohn

    I live in Kentucky.
    I receive military disability and social security. I receive no other income.
    My wife and I are both 67. She receives her own social security plus the amount based on my previous earnings. She also has a retirement.

    We are getting a divorce. She left me. We have no children. I have the house and am paying all bills plus the mortgage. We are selling our house and have agreed to a 50/50 split.

    The judge ordered me to pay her temporary support in the amount of $800 per month. My attorney said he could make the support permanent. I thought support could not be taken from either income?

    This happened on Sept. 17th, 2019.

    If you charge for a reply, please do not reply. Thank you.

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    We live in Texas which is a community property state. My wife owns a house in Mexico City that she inherited from her mother. Prior to the estate transferring the house to her, we made about $20K in improvements — did that $20K transform the house from marital property to community property ??

    And she has about $50K in Social Security benefits that are in a separate account that is traceable to only Social Security payments — am I correct that is therefore marital property.

    Thank you


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