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Diana Shepherd has over 30 years of experience as a marketing, branding, SEO, copywriting, editing, and publishing expert. As Content Director for Family Lawyer Magazine, Divorce Magazine, and Divorce Marketing Group, she oversees all corporate content development and frequently creates SEO-friendly videos, podcasts, and copy for family law and financial firms. The Co-Founder of Divorce Magazine and Divorce Marketing Group, Diana is an award-winning editor, published author, and a nationally recognized expert on divorce, remarriage, finance, and stepfamily issues. She has written hundreds of articles geared towards both family law professionals and divorcing people, and she has both performed and taught on-page SEO for 20+ years. Diana spent eight years as the Marketing Director for the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts® (IDFA®), and she has been a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® since 2006. While at IDFA, she wrote, designed, and published The IDFA Marketing Guide, and she also created seminars for CDFA professionals to present to family lawyers (approved for CLE), as well as to separated and divorcing individuals. She has represented both DMG and IDFA at industry conferences and events across North America, and she has given marketing as well as divorce financial seminars at many of those conferences.


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    Michael coomes

    My poor
    Wife suffers from hi functioning BPD and also I believe NPD. I need a lawyer for my divorce case in the Bel Air Maryland area.
    Please match me with someone if possible.

    1. 1.1


      If you find one in Maryland, please post, as I am looking for lawyer in MD for my neice who has 3 small children and is going through a divorce with a narcissist. She needs a good lawyer who has knowledge of this abuse.
      Bonnie from Maryland

      1. 1.1.1


        Did you all find one! I am in need of one in MD also…

      2. 1.1.2


        Did you find anybody in MD?

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    Michael coomes

    My poor
    Wife suffers from hi functioning BPD and also I believe NPD. I need a lawyer for my divorce case in the Bel Air Maryland area.
    Please match me with someone if possible.

  3. 3


    You describe exactly the kind of attorney I have been searching for, during my eight (8) years of trying to find someone to help me get free from my abusive NPD husband. In the meantime, I am attempting to hold my own (living my life in HIS imposed limbo) but suffer C-PTSD, chronic anxiety, panic attacks, low self-esteem, etc. He is and has been emotionally, mentally, financially and later on, physically abusive throughout the duration of our 32+ years together. Please, I would most appreciate if you know of an attorney who ascribes to this kind of well-informed approach to the high conflict NPD divorce. Thank-you.

  4. 4


    My spouse has the judge wrapped around his finger. It doesn’t help that I come across as irrational or disorganized. Its worse that I’m pro se. I need an NPD experienced attorney in Wisconsin (Milwaukee county) – please help!

  5. 5


    My spouse, who I am in a divorce battle with, has BPD. She has the judge wrapped around her finger and her attorney seems just as immoral as she is. My attorney is doing what he can, but I think he may not have the experience needed to navigate through this. Please respond with any recommendations for a consultation with an attorney in Florida who has experience with BPD. Thank you!

  6. 6


    Bullseye. Need your clone in CT, a referral To a knowledgeable resource would be a godsend. Regardless, thank you for the spot on article- good to know there’s a lawyer out there that gets it from all sides.

    1. 6.1


      Need someone in ct also. Did you find an attorney like this?

      1. 6.1.1


        Hi Kristen,

        Any luck in CT? I need one too. Hope you’re doing okay.

  7. 7

    Ross Marzarella

    This guy nailed it. I am going through a nasty divorce in Pennsylvania and am the target (PTSD) of my spouse that definitely suffers from NPD and BPD and my attorney is ill-equipped to handle her attorney, which probably suffers from the same conditions. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any way to contact him through his website. Has anyone had any luck contacting him? If so how? Or maybe a referral to a solid PA family law attorney that specializes in these types of cases. Peace.

  8. 8


    Do you have any recommendations for a lawyer who’s very familiar with c-ptsd? I need one in Las Vegas Nevada

    1. 8.1

      Martha Chan

      We don’t have anyone specific to recommend. You can check out a list of lawyers in Las Vegas here – https://www.divorcemag.com/directory/?wpbdp_view=search&listingfields%5B11%5D%5Bmode%5D=radius&dosrch=1&listingfields%5B28%5D=888&listingfields%5B2%5D=647&listingfields%5B4%5D=&listingfields%5B11%5D%5Bzip%5D=&listingfields%5B11%5D%5Bradius%5D=25

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    I need an attorney in Denver, CO. My husband is a narcissist. He has emotionally abused me for years, and continues to abuse my two little girls ages 3 and 5, in more then one way. Please help.

    1. 9.1

      Diana Shepherd

      Hi Kendra.
      Our sister websites, www.DivorcedMoms.com and www.DivorceMag.com, both offer articles to help deal with a narcissistic spouse, articles and videos on how to choose a lawyer, and Professional Directories to help you find someone to represent you. You could also search for a lawyer on the Colorado Bar Association’s (CBA) website: www.cobar.org/Licensed-Lawyer. Their website lists all licensed attorneys in the state, and you can narrow your search by topic (“divorce” or “family law” or “child custody”, for example) as well as city.
      I hope this helps you, Kendra.

  10. 10


    Does anyone have a directory for Southern California (Santa Monica)? I’ve been having such a difficult time finding a female attorney that specializes in this specific kind of separation and family law.

  11. 11


    I need a high conflict attorney in Cleveland OH. Wife diagnosed with BP, BPD, NPD. Also delusional, possibly schizophrenic – “visions from the universe”, “birds telling her what to do”. Lots of therapists. 2 kids with limited visitation by court order.

  12. 12


    David Pisarra, you sound wonderful. Short article but so pertinent.

    Three years into a high-conflict divorce. It’s never-ending.

    Does anyone know a high-conflict lawyer in the UK that “gets it”? Please just post.




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