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Diana Shepherd (CDFA®) has over 30 years of experience as a marketing, branding, SEO, copywriting, editing, and publishing expert. As Family Lawyer Magazine, Divorce Magazine, and Divorce Marketing Group’s Content Director, she oversees all corporate content development and frequently creates SEO-friendly videos, podcasts, and copy for family law and financial firms. An award-winning editor, published author, and a nationally-recognized expert on divorce, remarriage, finance, and stepfamily issues, she is a frequent lecturer on the topics of divorce, finance, and marketing – both to local groups and national organizations. She has also been a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® since 2006.


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    Mirah Riben

    I need a QDRO expert attorney in NJ

  2. 2

    Mike Singhoffer

    Hi, my name is Mike, I live in Middletown, Ohio. I have been divorced for going on eleven years. My wife and I were living separately when the proceeding were being done. Half way through all this, I hired a new attorney to represent me who was from the same county as the court house where the divorce was to be finalized. The QDRO subject was never discussed much more than she would get half of everything that belonged to me. We were concerned more with spousal support issues at the time, more than anything. Is there any way this QDRO settlement could be reversed do to the fact that in the process of seeking other legal counsel, the QDRO issue was not given the proper amount of attention that should have been undertaken ? If you are aware of any attorneys in the Middletown, Cincinnati, Dayton area that specialize in QDRO amendment issues, please advise me to them.
    My email is: misherri@sbcglobal.net. I would appreciate your help.


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