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Martha Chan is a marketing expert for family lawyers and divorce professionals. She is the co-owner and Vice President of Marketing for Family Lawyer Magazine, Divorce Magazine, and Divorce Marketing Group, a marketing agency dedicated to promoting family lawyers and divorce professionals. She has been a marketer, speaker and educator for 35+ years and provided her marketing expertise to many fortune 500 companies. Over the last 10 years she has been focusing solely on marketing family lawyers and divorce professionals.


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    Steve wrote:

    Anyone who is part of the legal system wants to perpetuate it. Few good lawyers are equipped with courage, bravery, a love for family, this country and righteousness have the fortitude to want to change our broken self seeking family court system.

    The movie Divorce Corp laid out clearly the flawed family court institution its players and the devastating ruins it leaves. Unfortunately most reviewers of the movie are anti-family liberals who care nothing for truth, justice and our families. They dismiss the reality of the facts and always use They did not get what they wanted as an excuse. That is like having an over-powering street bully grab someone, tie him up and beat him unmercifully then later say Well he did not fight back.

    The Nile is not just a river in Egypt.

    It is not surprising a columnist or editor for a law magazine would dismiss Divorce Corps. They are part of the system and cannot be objective. A law magazine will not expose corrupt judges, unethical lawyers, fraudulent testers and the collusion that takes place in the family courts. If it were willing, I can give many names of officials including judges backed up with facts and transcripts of trials to prove the corruption this writer is saying does not exist. Anyone with more than an ounce of intelligence can see through the facade.

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    Thanks for your comments. Just for the record, I never said the corruption reported in the movie does not exist. I did report on the fact that “Notably absent are the spouses of the victims and decent family lawyers and judges.”

    I understand the movie and likely yourself are trying to make a point – major reform in family court is needed. I also don’t doubt that we are biased by our experience. That does not mean the sweeping comments like these are true:
    -“Few good lawyers are equipped with courage, bravery, a love for family, this country and righteousness have the fortitude to want to change our broken self seeking family court system.”
    -“Unfortunately most reviewers of the movie are anti-family liberals who care nothing for truth, justice and our families.”

    I have also posted a blog on this topic here saying if the cases prsented in the movie were true, why would that be allowed to happen and how can these be addressed: https://flmagazine.wpengine.com/from-our-staff/did-the-movie-divorce-corp-do-its-job.html

    If you have prove for wrong doings, by all means please present them. By the way, for full disclosure, do you have any connections with the movie, the court or any cases you are referring to?

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    This seems to be a rather contentious movie. It’s creating a lot of discussion and buzz, which is a good thing.

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    I have seen the movie, and I have seen the abuses. The courts are corrupt beyond all rational explanation. States do in fact have financial incentive to disregard justice and the wellbeing of children. But as in many aspects of life, it is not quite that cut and dry. They have various ways of justifying their abuses in their own minds. I’ve watched them do it.

    A judge in my case altered court records to conceal my notice that I was not served process. That is far from the worst of it. I can prove my allegations. Every single source of information, regardless of where that source stands on the issue, will tell you that you can’t hold a judge accountable. Only those who perpetuate the myth that the system works, will tell you that their are disciplinary procedures in place. HOGWASH. Judges, don’t discipline judges except for political reasons.

    Multiple books have been written on the subject of judicial corruption. Even some court’s have stated there is a need for change. Yet when a judge has sex with a litigant he presides over, sexts her during court, and more, do the court’s allow him to be sued as our constitution promises? No. Do you see a tidal wave of criticism and outrage from the courts? No.

    No one cares. I had one lawyer tell me that it didn’t matter if I wasn’t served. That proper service was not a due process right.

    The legal community is corrupt as a whole. How else would the every manner of civil rights abuses of the last century been possible?

    corruption is ingrained and institutionalized. Lawyers are afraid of or support judicial crimes. My theory is that they rationalize it just like one judge I read of; “we are educated and trained people. We are in this position because we are capable of evaluating and managing complex issues. It doesn’t matter if I bend the rules a little, I know what I am doing and that it will be a just outcome.”

    That is not a quote of anyone. The judge I based this fictional rationale on, was reported as a “rogue” judge. He was known for repeatedly refusing to apply sentencing guidelines. Simply, he took it upon himself to decide that legislators didn’t know what they were doing and refused to obey the law.

    Sentencing guidelines, right or wrong, are not discretionary decisions. The AG in my state of WA, which has been repeatedly violating my constitutional rights, said to the entire world that “no one is above the law” and “that’s not how our system works” as he attacked the President for violating the rights of non-citizens while the courts in my state violate mine.

    Almost everyone associated with the courts, judges, clerks, GALs/CASAs, police, and on and on, now have immunities that were not granted in the constitution, and were specifically prohibited by the founding fathers.

    Almost 50 years ago, a judge orders the sterilization of a teenage girl, upon the request and testimony of her mother that the girl was mentally incompetent and there was a fear that she would get pregnant if she was not secretly sterilized. There was no notice, no filings, no competency hearing, no court order, no due process at all. After marrying and finding out what happened to her the courts held this judge immune. Still today nothing has changed; no matter how sick and twisted a judge is, they are immune from paying damages to their victims. And yet, I recently found that their bonds are paid for by me.

    The abuses reported in Divorce Corp are not conjecture, they are facts.


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