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    I need to find out if my house is bugged. I believe my laptop and my cellphones are being tapped. Also I believe my bedroom and bathroom may be done also. Where can I find all wires taps and or video surveilance equipment. How can I undo any taping on my electronics. Like my chrome laptop, my boost cell phone and my cricket cell phone. Where all can someone kind a wire tap inside or outside my house. I have good reasons to believe this is happening.

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    Patricia A Navarrette

    I’m in California, with my 3 daughters. I recently discovered that my husband (we are temporarily separated) has been tracking my Ford Excursion for the past 9 years. We have also discovered that he just recently began bugging the same vehicle as well as our home. It was recommend to me from our marriage counselor that I find a way to remove these devices. I don’t know how to go about this. Are there companies that can search for & remove the devices…?

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      Yes, there are many companies in California that will come and look for devices in your home for you. Cost depends on the square footage of your home. Find someone with a Technical Surveillance Counter Measures license to come search for you. Good luck.

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    I found microphones in my home. WHERE do I report it? I can’t seem to find a number ANYWHERE and my landlord’s son is a police officer so I CAN’Tcall 911.

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    Someone put spy devices in my house I need to report to the law
    and need help to process it. Thanks a lot

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    I think my apartment is bugged and I may have found at least part of it but I’m not sure. If I post a picture can anyone tell me??

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    Wiretapping is very common, but only if there is a reason.
    Think about it, what does this 3rd party have to gain?
    Being involved with a political party almost guarantees you will be monitored – both by the other party and from within.


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