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Diana Shepherd

Diana Shepherd is the Editorial Director of Family Lawyer Magazine and Divorce Magazine. An award-winning editor, published author, and a nationally-recognized expert on divorce, remarriage, finance, and stepfamily issues, she is a frequent lecturer on the topics of divorce, finance, and marketing – both to local groups and national organizations. She has also been a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® since 2006.


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    Gary Puntman

    I like that you said how a lawyer communicates with clients is the foundation of a legal practice. Showing compassion and understanding for clients will show that you truly care about clients and their cases. This will definitely get you the best results and help you win your client’s case.

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    Gerald Wilson

    Push for custody reform #custodyreform

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    Great professional tips. I dealt with 3 lawyers in my divorce: the first would not return calls; the second was concerned about how much money I was hiding (none); and the third never really reviewed my case properly and I caught her in lies. I had to advocate for myself and at the end, the judge had to get involved due to psychological abuse and stress. I had had it. She never told me she was the judge she was avoiding wife attorney in his divorce. Kept putting it off trying to milk me. It backfired when he summoned both parties to his chambers to settle. What had taken 2 years with no kids took 4 hours. She and they would never get a referral from me. I was being emotionally abused and she could have cared less. Collusion and had to get bar assoc. involved. I am still recovering. She never sent a bill until I asked. It was padded. I have a paralegal degree and am now taking pre-law. It was all about the money with all 3, and lies. Thank God I had some legal education – I would have lost everything I worked for. And thanks to the judge, who was a lifesaver.


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