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    Matt Larson

    The study you sited is from a PHD STUDENT who did not have the backing of an accredited university. You lawyers will do anything to protect your billable hours in custody fights.

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      Diana Shepherd

      Hi Matt.

      This article was written by two prominent Forensic Psychologists – Dr. Linda Smith and Dr. Eric Frazer – not by lawyers. I understand your frustration if you have recently gone through a custody battle. Even if only one parent in a custody dispute is angry or bitter, they can drag out the court proceedings, which drives up the legal bills.

      For your children’s sake, I hope you and your ex-spouse can find a way to co-parent peacefully now that (hopefully!) the dust has settled. For example, a technique called “Parallel Parenting” might work for you; check out this article to see if it resonates with you: http://www.divorcemag.com/blog/parallel-co-parenting-in-high-conflict-divorce-tips-for-making-it-work


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