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Diana Shepherd, CDFA®

Diana Shepherd has over 30 years of experience as a marketing, branding, SEO, copywriting, editing, and publishing expert. As Content Director for Family Lawyer Magazine, Divorce Magazine, and Divorce Marketing Group, she oversees all corporate content development and frequently creates SEO-friendly videos, podcasts, and copy for family law and financial firms. The Co-Founder of Divorce Magazine and Divorce Marketing Group, Diana is an award-winning editor, published author, and a nationally recognized expert on divorce, remarriage, finance, and stepfamily issues. She has written hundreds of articles geared towards both family law professionals and divorcing people, and she has both performed and taught on-page SEO for 20+ years. Diana spent eight years as the Marketing Director for the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts® (IDFA®), and she has been a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® since 2006. While at IDFA, she wrote, designed, and published The IDFA Marketing Guide, and she also created seminars for CDFA professionals to present to family lawyers (approved for CLE), as well as to separated and divorcing individuals. She has represented both DMG and IDFA at industry conferences and events across North America, and she has given marketing as well as divorce financial seminars at many of those conferences.


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    Joy Butler

    In this world of advanced technology, social media has been empowering the lives of each individual. Most of the times, what is happening now is a public trial through social media like Facebook. When you’ve mentioned that “No contact means no contact”, this is exactly what our family lawyer told us. When my sister filed for a divorce with her husband, the lawyer reminded her not to make any contact with him as it will just make the case complicated. However, she was able to discover her husband’s infidelity on Facebook. So, it’s a little bit confusing but we just followed our lawyer.

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    Jordan Miner

    I’ve been wanting to find some family law professionals who could help my brother out with a divorce. I’m glad you talked about how you can use tools online to help with case management, and I think that getting some professional family law help would be nice. I’m going to have to look for a few good family law options and see what we can find!

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    Sutton Turner

    I like how you suggested impressing at your trial with electronic copies of your exhibits and transcripts. I am looking for a family lawyer for my case. Thanks for the tips on family law technology.

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    Sam Li

    I love what you said about family attorneys and how they should implement principles that are in line with the state’s ethics opinions. When it comes to filing for divorce, it’s important to work with a family attorney that has a solid reputation. If I were to go through a divorce, I would make sure to find the best attorney in my area that can maintain an objective opinion.


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