How to Make Horse Sense Out of Nonsense

By Andrea Hall: Horses can help lawyers discover the capacity for change, identify inner strengths and thus heal their spirit. The game to learning a little “horse sense” is to decrease stress and improve your emotional and mental health.

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Parental Alienation: 7 Ways to Help a Polarized Child

By Benjamin D. Garber: How family law professionals can help alienated children make and maintain healthy relationships with both parents.

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Techniques to Improve Communication with Clients

Five legal professionals offer tips and tools to help improve attorney-client relationships through better communication.

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The Dangers of Free Wi-Fi

By David Sarif and Natalie Tyler: An attorney’s duty to keep client-attorney communications private now includes knowing how to prevent hackers from gaining unauthorized access to a client’s confidential information.  Here’s why using “free” Wi-Fi is risky business. 

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Ensuring the Enforceability of Prenuptial Agreements

By Ann Moder: Unless it’s enforceable, a prenuptial agreement isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. Here are four ways to ensure the agreement’s enforceability.  

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7 Strategies to Attract High-End Divorce Cases

By Dan Couvrette and Martha Chan: To attract more quality clients to your law firm, you must properly market yourself to them. Follow these seven tips and you will be on your way to working on more high-asset and complex cases.

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Calculating Present and Future Value in Divorce

By Harriett Fox: You probably did not become a family lawyer because you loved to crunch numbers, but you should know how to perform basic present value and future value calculations. Here’s a primer.

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