Gain Control of Your Firm’s Finances

By Mark Powers & Shawn McNalis: Track, monitor and gain control of your firm's finances with a financial dashboard.

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Pension Valuation Strategy Tips

By Mark K. Altschuler: Consider various valuation strategies to maximize your client’s position.

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From Criminal Law to Family Law: A Journey in Helping Others

Interview with Barbara Handschu: One woman's passion to protect basic human rights.

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Improving Your Practice with Technology

By John Harding: Technology allows lawyers to work better with less effort, and deliver their product in less time with great impact.  

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Private Investigators Share Some Tricks of the Trade

We recently interviewed four leading private investigators – Nicholas Himonidis, Rob Kimmons, TJ Ward and Joe Gill – and asked them to share their experiences, insights and tips on their practices and strategies, the latest technology in their field and their work with family law cases.

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Effectively Managing Your Stress in the Workplace

By Elodie Mertz: The practice of family law can be a stressful occupation, and how effective you are at your job affects more than just yourself.    

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David Griffin and Ronald Seigneur to Speak at National Conference on Divorce

David W. Griffin & Ronald L. Seigneur will be presenting at the National Conference on Divorce, April 24-25, in Las Vegas. Their session will address the challenges to valuation, protection, and treatment of an owner’s (dilutable) interest in a start-up or rapidly growing business.      

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Financial Matters

Credit Damage & Divorce: An Overlooked, Recoverable Injury

By Georg Finder: The key to a successful argument for credit reputation damage that will maximize damage value is to present a thorough analysis of the "before and after" picture of the injured party’s credit situation.

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Feature Articles

Feature Article: Reforming the Legal System

Family Lawyer Magazine seeks your ideas about how to improve or reform the legal system when it comes to divorce in your state or province. if we accept your submission, we’ll include your name and where you practice with your solution.

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Feature Article: Crazy Divorce Decisions Your Clients Have Made

Family Lawyer Magazine will be publishing an article on the most ridiculous requests/behaviors/sticking points family law attorneys have seen in their divorce practice. We are asking for your submissions.

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Challenges to Valuation, Protection and Treatment Of An Owner’s (Dilutable) Interest in a Start-up or Rapidly Growing Business

This topic will be dealt with at the 2014 National Conference on Divorce which takes place on April 24-25 in Las Vegas. Below is a summary of what will be covered and the questions that divorce attorneys and financial experts have to address when dealing with an owner of a start up or a rapdily expanding business.

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Latest Family Law News

National Conference on Divorce: Earlybird Discount Extended

The National Conference on Divorce will be held in Las Vegas on April 24- 25, 2014. Discounts are available to earlybirds, AAML members, Divorce Marketing Group's clients and Linkin group - Marketing for Divorce Professionals.

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Case Management

Choose Your Strategic Partners Wisely

By Scott Evans: Divorce professionals can empower themselves with specified knowledge by choosing their team of strategic partners wisely.

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Managing Your Firm

Ask Not What Your Firm Can Do for You

By Marian Lee: Whether a lawyer has two partners or two hundred, the ability to keep a firm’s best interests in mind and think beyond the individual benefit is crucial to its success.

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Standard of Value for Marital Dissolutions

By Shannon Pratt and Alina Niculita: At the core of the differences among jurisdictions on how to value businesses or practices for marital dissolution is the appropriate standard of value or definition of value.

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Becoming a Better Negotiator

By Gregg Herman: Whether through reading material, courses, or personal efforts, all divorce lawyers should be making continuous efforts to improve their negotiating skills.

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Marketing Your Firm

A Mercedes-Benz Family Law Division?

By Dan Couvrette: What if Mercedes-Benz were to launch a Family Law Division? Why you need to look at your firm like a business owner and consider the power of branding and marketing.

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