How Getting a Job Can Work for Your Client During Divorce

By Kelly Frawley and Emily Pollock: There may be significant benefits for a non-income-earning spouse who seeks and obtains employment during the divorce litigation.

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Parental Alienation: 7 Ways to Help a Polarized Child

By Benjamin D. Garber: How family law professionals can help alienated children make and maintain healthy relationships with both parents.

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Techniques to Improve Communication with Clients

Five legal professionals offer tips and tools to help improve attorney-client relationships through better communication.

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For Estate Planners, Embracing Technology is Crucial

By Scott Huff: The reality of this day and age is, unless estate and legacy planners adopt technologies to improve the efficiency and value of their firms, they will not last through this digital generation.

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Enforcing Prenuptial Agreements Across Borders

By Evie Jeang: Why lawyers representing international clients who plan to marry should always consider the international ramifications of any proposed prenuptial agreement.  

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International Prenuptial Agreements

Every Call is Gold: 4 Steps to Converting Leads into Clients

By Chris Mullins: Is your firm losing good prospects because your staff lacks the ability to consistently qualify callers – and turn them into clients?

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Strategies to Help Generate Income from a Divorce Settlement

Sherry W. Campbell: It is imperative for clients that don’t have an established career to depend on to find a way to generate income from their divorce settlement that will last a lifetime, even in tough market conditions.

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