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We’re looking for articles that can help family lawyers offer better service to (and produce better results for) their clients; from your perspective as a professional working in this area, if there were one piece of advice you could give to a divorce lawyer to improve his/her service, what would it be?

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5 New Health Rules

By Dr. Frank Lipman and Danielle Claro: Follow these 5 simple rules to improve your health – body, mind, and spirit.

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Gentlemen Advocates and High-Stakes Divorce

Two highly-respected and recognized Chicago lawyers, Bernie Rinella and Donald Schiller, discuss how to be “gentlemen advocates” for your clients, particularly during high-stakes and high-conflict divorce cases which may end up in court.  

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Digital Divorce: How Computer Forensics Can Influence Your Client’s Case

By Brook T. Schaub: Computer forensics and eDiscovery can play an important role in the outcome of your client’s divorce or family law case, revealing key details that might otherwise remain buried.

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Hamm v. Hamm: the “King Kong” of Divorce Cases

By Robert J. Bartz: What role did Harold Hamm play in the growth of Continental Resources, and how much of the enhanced value of the company can be attributed to external factors?  

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Developing and Growing Your Family Law Practice

Jennifer A. Brandt: It’s important for the modern family lawyer to develop a marketing-consistent strategy and embrace technology as a powerful promotional tool, rather than allowing a limited online presence to potentially hurt your reputation.  

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Accounts Receivable: Take Decisive Action before Autumn’s Chill Turns to Winter’s Freeze

By Jake Krocheski: To manage your accounts receivable, time is on your side…but it won’t be for much longer.      

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