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5 Things Family Lawyers Need to Know about Home Mortgage Underwriting

By Chris Hendricks:  Clearing up misconceptions and understanding just a few of the rules for underwriting home loans may help in drafting an agreement  and planning more realistically for housing the future divorcee.

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“Triage” for Self-Represented Litigants

By Justice Bryan E. Mahoney: To help address the challenges faced by self-represented litigants, Alberta Family Justice Services has implemented a program to assist them through the process.  

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Mitigating the Risks of the Cloud

By Dr. Asaf Cidon: The cloud makes storing files, communicating promptly with clients, and working on the go much easier – but is your clients’ information really safe when synced across mobile devices, emailed back and forth, and stored online?

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Hamm v. Hamm: the “King Kong” of Divorce Cases

By Robert J. Bartz: What role did Harold Hamm play in the growth of Continental Resources, and how much of the enhanced value of the company can be attributed to external factors?  

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Developing and Growing Your Family Law Practice

Jennifer A. Brandt: It’s important for the modern family lawyer to develop a marketing-consistent strategy and embrace technology as a powerful promotional tool, rather than allowing a limited online presence to potentially hurt your reputation.  

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The Ins and Outs of Representing High-Net-Worth Clients

By John B. Chason: The added pressures and unique challenges of high-net-worth cases can be significantly different depending on which spouse you are representing.  

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