Networking Outside Your Comfort Zone

By Sean Ditzel: Consider these five tips for networking outside your own comfort zone to maximize and grow your referral base.

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Using Restricted Stock and Pre-IPO Data to Estimate Discounts

By Dr. Shannon P. Pratt and Alina V. Niculita: Restricted stock and pre-IPO data are the most often used and misused sources for estimating discounts for lack of marketability. Here’s how to know whether an appraiser has used the data correctly in cases of disputed valuations of closely-held stock.  

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Time Management Tips

By Allison C. Shields: You can't really manage time – but you can manage your activities to increase your productivity.

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Google: April 21st Was Your Deadline to Have a Mobile Website

By Martha Chan: A mobile-friendly website is no longer simply a nice thing to have, Google has just made it a must by announcing that they will be favoring websites that are mobile-friendly come April 21, 2015.  

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Harriett Fox on the Role of Financial Professionals in the Divorce Process

A Miami CPA discusses the role of financial professionals in the divorce process and explains how family attorneys can use financial experts to strengthen their case.  

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Negotiating with the Pro Se Party

By Gregg Herman: Self-represented litigants create a difficult situation for the other party and his/her counsel. You must handle these cases carefully to ensure the best representation for your client while maintaining your dignity and professionalism.  

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Caring for Our Clients’ Other Needs

By Paula J. Gardner and Robert M . Worster: When you consider the sphere of influence we have over clients, our effort to improve their lives is an investment in them and in ourselves. It is worth it.    

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