September 2015

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In this issue:

  1. Practice Management
    Developing and Growing Your Family Law Practice
    By Jennifer A. Brandt, Family Lawyer
    It’s important for the modern family lawyer to develop a marketing-consistent strategy and embrace technology as a powerful promotional tool, rather than allowing a limited online presence to potentially hurt your reputation.
  2. Technology
    How Computer Forensics Can Influence Your Client’s Case
    By Brook T. Schaub, Certified eDiscovery Specialist
    Computer forensics and eDiscovery can play an important role in the outcome of your client’s divorce or family law case, revealing key details that might otherwise remain buried.
  3. Custody Issues
    Reunification in Parental Alienation Cases
    By Jamie Isicoff, Family Lawyer
    The trending approach to reunification in parental alienation cases: intensive workshops, comprehensive court orders, and aftercare plans.
  4. Pension & QDROs
    The Civil Service Retirement System Coverage Gap
    By Mark Altschuler, Actuary
    There are several methods available to address the potential coverage gap for former spouses of civil service employees who terminate CSRS service and pass away before qualifying for retirement benefits.

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