November 2015

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Register for the Must-Attend Family Law Conference of 2016
Listen to Carole Gailor and David Griffin, AAML Co-Chairs of the 2016 National Conference on Divorce, discuss why even seasoned family law attorneys should register for this must-attend event of 2016. Take advantage of the early-bird discount: registration is now open!

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In this issue:

  1. Practice Management
    15 Signs You Are Throwing Your Marketing Money Away
    By Dan Couvrette and Martha Chan, Marketing Experts to Family Lawyers
    Stop pouring your marketing money down the drain and start looking into the most effective ways to market your family law practice.
  2. Financial Matters
    5 Things Family Lawyers Need to Know About Mortgage Underwriting
    By Chris Hendricks, Real Estate Financing Advisor
    Clearing up misconceptions and understanding just a few of the rules for underwriting home loans may help in drafting an agreement and planning more realistically for housing the future divorcee.
  3. Client Relations
    Combine Online Outreach with In-Person Divorce Workshops
    By Ginita Wall & Candace Bahr, Second Saturday Founders
    Combining online outreach with in-person workshops can allow you to communicate with a wide audience while forming personal, offline connections with potential clients.
  4. Pension & QDROs
    Common Mistakes When Valuing Pensions
    By Mark Altschuler, Actuary
    Pension and QDRO expert Mark Altschuler discusses common mistakes when valuing defined benefit and defined contribution plans – including partial offsets and tax consequences.

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