May 2015

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In this issue:

  1. Financial
    Looking at the Value of Assets over the Long-Term
    By Nancy Osmond Popovich, CDFA™
    Divorcing clients often struggle to understand the future value of certain assets. A financial expert can help the client (and sometimes, the attorney) recognize which assets will offer the greatest long-term benefits.
  2. Technology
    Family Lawyers’ Top Software Picks
    We asked family lawyers about the software and apps they find invaluable in their daily practice, and why they would recommend them. Here are some of their favorites.
  3. Client Relations
    Caring for Our Clients’ Other Needs
    By Paula Gardner, Paralegal, and Robert Worster, Family Lawyer
    When you consider the sphere of influence we have over clients, efforts to improve their lives is a worthwhile investment in them and in ourselves.
  4. Collaborative Divorce
    Podcast: Collaborative Divorce from an Accountant’s and Lawyer’s Perspective
    By Harriett Fox, CPA, and Robert Merlin, Family Lawyer
    Read or listen to this interview by Family Lawyer Magazine with a Certified Public Accountant and a Family Lawyer to understand why they practice collaborative divorce.

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