January 2015

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A Request to Donate a Kidney to a Fellow Family Lawyer
Ken Lester, a family lawyer from South Carolina, is in need of a kidney transplant, and Family Lawyer Magazine is using its resources to spread the word. Click here to read more about how you can help

In this issue:

  1. Practice Management
    Is Your Family Law Practice Primed for Success?
    By Dan Couvrette, Family Lawyer Marketing Consultant
    Failing to plan is planning to fail; do you have a plan to secure the future of your family law practice?
  2. Child Custody
    Adolescents and Joint Physical Custody: Does Personality Matter?
    By Dr. Linda Smith and Dr. Eric Frazer, Forensic Psychologists
    When contemplating a shared physical custody schedule for an adolescent, you should consider the child’s personality; some personality profiles are a better “fit” for shared custody than others.
  3. Technology
    Dividing the Empire: The Intricacies of Divorce Settlements
    By Dr. Rick Kabra, Technology Specialist
    It is possible to calculate a divorce settlement by hand, but why bother? Software designed for family lawyers makes the process faster, easier, and more accurate.
  4. Legal
    Using Prenuptial Agreements to Protect a Business
    By Sanford K. Ain, Family Lawyer, and Stuart Rosenberg, Valuator
    Attorney Sanford K. Ain, business valuator Stuart Rosenberg, and legal editor Sylvia Golden discuss the role of prenuptial agreements in cases involving business owners and professional practices – ranging from law firms to start-up companies.
  5. Practice Management
    5 Tips for Improving Your Law Practice’s Payments
    By Amy Porter, Certified Payment Professional
    Five effective tips to help master the art of receiving payments on past-due accounts.
  6. Financial
    Disability Insurance and Divorce Planning
    By Matthew M. Bloch, Field Underwriter
    Why family lawyers should recommend their clients have income protection for alimony and child support.How, Why, and When to Hire A QDRO Expert
    By Tim Voit, QDRO Specialist, and Jordan Gerber, Family Lawyer
    The role of the QDRO expert in discovery, red-flagging potential issues and time-bombs, and reducing a family lawyer’s liability.Professional and Technological Help with Financial Affidavits
    By Jeff Landers, Financial Advisor
    The importance of financial affidavits in a divorce and a new, smart tool to help your clients get it right.

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