April 2018

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Is your website secure?

Google has announced it is favoring secure websites.

To ensure your website ranks high on Google, make sure your website is converted to HTTPS.

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For more details, you can also read the below article: 2 Changes That Impact Your Website’s Google Ranking.

In this issue:

  1. Discrimination Against Same-Sex Couples
    State Supreme Courts have ignored a ruling which holds government may not treat same-sex couples differently.
  2. The Spy in Your Client’s Pocket
    The Supreme Court’s re-examining of third-party doctrine of electronic data will have wide-ranging impacts on privacy rights.
  3. 2 Changes That Impact Your Website’s Google Ranking
    Is your website’s ranking being negatively or positively impacted by these two new Google preferences?
  4. New Tax Law Helps & Hurts High-Net-Worth Divorce Cases
    Many high-net-worth couples may want to finalize their divorce agreements this year to preserve some important financial options.

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