October 2017

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1. Webinar Reminder: Get Your Website to Rank High with the Latest Google Preferences

Best practices for ranking high on Google search results continuously change; what worked yesterday may no longer work today. Attend this seminar and learn what you can do to maintain a high Google ranking.

When: Thursday, October 26, 2017 2 – 2:30 pm ET.

Learn more about this webinar.

2. Family Lawyer Magazine 2017 Issue

Download the latest issue of Family Lawyer Magazine. The Fall 2017 Issue is available for free download. As always, the current issue offers a broad range of articles, including:

  • 6 Financial Advice Mistakes
  • Hiding Income and Assets at the IRS
  • Personal Branding for Lawyers
  • Next-to-Vest Coverture Formula
  • Cybersecurity in 2017

Download the 2017 Fall Issue Now!

In this issue:

  1. Technology
    Cybersecurity in 2017
    Nicole Black, Lawyer and Legal Technology Expert
    Why your firm needs to embrace technology and use it strategically to provide quality, secure representation to your clients.
  2. Marketing Your Firm
    Personal Branding for Lawyers
    Martha Chan and Dan Couvrette, Family Lawyer Marketing Experts
    How to make personal branding and company branding work synergistically at family law firms.
  3. Spousal Support
    Maintenance and Cohabitation
    Molshree A. Sharma, Family Lawyer
    What happens if a maintenance recipient does not marry but simply cohabits with their ex?
  4. Health & Well-Being
    10 Practical Steps to Being a Profitable, Happy Lawyer
    James Gray Robinson, Consultant and Speaker
    Here are the ten practical steps any lawyer can take to make a huge difference in the quality of their lifestyle.

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