November 2017

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Do you think the provision to kill the alimony deduction in the proposed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will have a negative impact on the majority of your clients?

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In this issue:

  1. 1st Draft of House Reform Bill
    By Mark Ashton
    Alimony deduction is among the “tax loopholes” on the chopping block of the Tax Reform Bill.
  2. Next-to-Vest Coverture
    By Arik Van Zandt
    Beware of pitfalls in the next-to-vest coverture formula for valuing stock options.
  3. High-Status Lawyers & Health
    By John Matias
    A new study finds higher status means higher likelihood of depression for lawyers.
  4. Attorney-Client Agreements
    By P. Mars Scott
    The most important document in your client’s file may be the attorney-client agreement.

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