March 2017

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The Spring 2017 Issue of Family Lawyer Magazine Is on its Way!

Check your mailbox! The Spring 2017 Practice Management Issue of Family Lawyer Magazine has shipped! Some of the articles in the issue include:

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In this issue:

  1. Financial Matters
    Business Valuation and the Double Dip Problem
    By Rob Metcalf, Business Valuator
    Gain a deeper understanding of the underlying issues of “double dipping” through a business valuator’s point of view.
  2. Property Division
    Divorce Liens: An Alternative to Splitting the Family Home
    By Lorelei Stevens, Divorce Lien Expert
    A divorce lien can avoid the usual turmoil of selling the house and splitting the money — especially since the home is often a divorcing couple’s largest single asset.
  3. Client Relations
    Emotional Milestones in Divorce
    By Mary Ann Burmester, Family Lawyer
    Your clients are human beings going through one of life’s worst experiences. Prepare them as best you can for the emotional roller-coaster they jumped on; don’t just focus on the legal process.
  4. Practice Management
    Managing Virtual Employees and Making It Work
    By Urusla Furi-Perry, Family Lawyer
    A look at some important considerations for managing associates or other employees remotely.

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