June 2017

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In this issue:

  1. Client Relations
    Crafting an Attorney-Client Agreement
    By P. Mars Scott, Family Lawyer
    Among your well-written briefs, checklists, witness questions, and timelines, the most important document in your client’s file may be the attorney-client agreement.
  2. Business Coaching
    Good Work Alone Won’t Grow Your Business
    By Michael Hammond, Practice Advisor
    Attorneys who believe good work always translates into business have a naïve approach to marketing. Successful rainmakers use referral-based marketing in a purposeful, consistent way.
  3. Practice Management
    5 Strategies to Increase Productivity
    By Ozan Varol, Law Professor & Consultant
    Five key strategies that the most effective lawyers use to increase their productivity.
  4. Alternative Dispute Resolution
    Making a Mess a Bigger Mess
    By Wendy Williamson, Lawyer and Mediator
    Is it possible to use fairness, integrity, and civility to deflect and de-escalate antagonistic behavior of opposing counsel?

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