July 2017

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In this issue:

  1. Financial Matters
    The Pitfalls of Managing Discovery
    By J. Leauanae & J. Allen, Financial Consultants
    When attorneys try to control the flow of discovery to the retained financial expert, they may create more problems than solutions.
  2. Case Management
    Benefits of Positive Procrastination
    By Jon Eric Stuebner, Lawyer and Mediator
    If your procrastination is intentional, you may find yourself better able to manage your to-do list and attack problems with increased energy and creativity.
  3. Health & Well-Being
    Emotional Survival Manual for Family Lawyers
    By James Gray Robinson, Consultant and Speaker
    Six steps to making it through a grievance complaint.
  4. Pensions/QDROs
    Social Security and Divorce
    By T.K. Long, Pension Analyst
    Courts struggle with the question of how Social Security benefits should be treated inequitable distribution. Here are a few critical issues to consider.

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