August 2017

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Seminar: Personal Branding for Family Lawyers

When a family law firm attends to its brand, it’s mostly for the firm. In our upcoming session, we are taking on branding for the individual family law attorney within the firm. How exactly do you brand the lawyers vs your firm?

Thursday, Aug. 24, 2017, 2 – 2:30 p.m. ET

In this issue:

  1. Financial Matters
    Grey Divorce: It Gets Complicated
    Jeffrey N. Greenblatt, Family Lawyer
    Divorce in couples over the age of 50 has skyrocketed, and with “grey divorce” comes many unique issues that must be carefully considered.
  2. Alternative Dispute Resolution
    Civility and Family Law – Not an Oxymoron
    Lisa Dufour and Carol Bailey, Family Lawyers
    Ten ways attorneys can help their clients solve their family law issues without high-conflict maneuvers, emergency hearings, incessant motions, and months of depositions.
  3. Marketing
    7 Strategies to Attract High-End Divorce Cases
    By Dan Couvrette and Martha Chan, Marketing Experts to Family Lawyers
    To attract more quality clients to your law firm, you must properly market yourself to them. Follow these seven tips and you will be on your way to working on more high-asset and complex cases.
  4. Technology
    Cybersecurity: What’s a Family Lawyer to Do?
    By Jennifer Saunders, Malpractice Attorney
    The legal profession’s move towards technology poses some serious security risks to lawyers – particularly in family law. Here’s an overview of your obligations.

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