April 2017

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Marketing Guide for Family Lawyers

The third edition of our popular Marketing Guide for Family Lawyers is available for free download. In this edition, you will find easy to understand and practical marketing information that will help you attract quality clients, generate referrals, convert prospects into clients, and stand out from your peers.

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In this issue:

  1. Financial Matters
    Best Practices for Using a Valuation Expert
    By Arik Van Zandt, Business Valuator
    Involving the ideal valuation expert for your case early in the process will help secure your client’s business assets and financial future.
  2. Practice Management
    5 Practical Tips for a Paperless Family Law Office
    By Richard Hugo-Hamman, Practice Consultant
    Following these steps can help save time and money by making the switch to paperless.
  3. Technology
    Apps to Propel Your 2017 Efficiency
    By Mark Unger, Technology Consultant
    An iPad attorney muses about his favorite apps to help you create efficiencies in your practice this year.
  4. Client Relations
    What Drives a Client’s Financial Goals and Attitudes?
    By Karen D. Sparks, Financial Analyst
    Ask most divorcing clients about their financial goals and the response can range from a blank stare to an angry diatribe.

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