November 2016

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Branding / Re-Branding Your Law Firm
Learn the benefits of branding or re-branding your law firm, why it matters, and how it can positively impact the future business of your practice.

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In this issue:

  1. Technology
    Cybersecurity: What’s a Family Lawyer to Do?
    Jennifer Saunders, Malpractice Attorney
    The legal profession’s move towards technology poses some serious security risks to lawyers. Here’s an overview of your obligations as well as 8 questions to help guide your actions.
  2. Financial Planning
    Strategies to Help Generate Income from a Divorce Settlement
    By Sherry W. Campbell, Financial Planner
    Clients who don’t have an established career to depend on must find a way to generate income from their divorce settlement that will last a lifetime – even in tough market conditions.
  3. Health and Well-Being
    Becoming a Happier and More Efficient Lawyer
    By James Gray Robinson, Consultant and Speaker
    Spirituality shouldn’t be treated as separate from daily life; rather, it is a necessity for daily life. Here are the strategies lawyers can use to be effective, happy, efficient and respected.
  4. Parental Alienation
    7 Ways to Help a Polarized Child
    By Dr. Benjamin D. Garber, Family Law Consultant
    How family law professionals can help alienated children make and maintain healthy relationships with both parents.

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