March 2016

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In this issue:

  1. Financial Matters
    Relationships Between Family Lawyers and Financial Advisors Benefit Clients
    By Hugh Breslin and Phil Allen, Financial Advisors
    Following a disciplined process of review and analysis, a financial advisor can become a valuable member of the professional team and help clients become comfortable with their lifestyle post-divorce.
  2. Courtroom Strategies
    Gathering and Presenting Evidence
    Four divorce professionals offer great tips on gathering and presenting evidence to support your case, from identifying bias in reports to preparing your witness.
  3. Pension/QDRO
    How to Distribute an IRA in a Divorce: The FAUXDRO
    By Barbara Murray, Real Estate and Tax Lawyer
    Distributing an IRA in a divorce – can it be done without immediately paying taxes? A FAUXDRO may be the answer.
  4. Client Relations
    Managing Clients’ Psychological Responses to Divorce and Child Custody Disputes
    By Julie A. Auerbach, Family Lawyer, and Lauren Napolitano, Psy.D
    Assisting clients through the legal process of divorce and child custody disputes involves managing their emotional reactions at all stages of the process.

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