July 2016

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In this issue:

  1. Marketing
    7 Tips to Maximize Your Summer Marketing
    Don’t be a victim of summer lethargy! Here are seven summer marketing tips to energize a successful summer marketing season.
  2. Financial Matters
    Retirement Accounts in Divorce: 4 Common Questions
    Valuing and dividing retirement accounts is more complex than most attorneys expect. Here are some ideas to help divide these accounts strategically – and avoid unnecessary costs.
  3. Practice Development
    Organize Your Firm to Grow Your Profits
    9-point plan to grow your profits – without having to employ extra staff.
  4. Arbitration
    Podcast: How Clients Benefit from Arbitration
    Listen to Dale Console, Chair of the AAML’s National Arbitration Committee, discuss the various ways a divorcing couple could benefit from opting for arbitration.

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