December 2016

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Due to popular demand, The Divorce School’s Fall Semester will remain open for the winter. This will allow your current and prospective clients additional time to check out the numerous videos and podcasts designed to empower and support them through their divorce — at no cost to them!

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In this issue:

  1. Technology
    The Dangers of Free Wi-Fi
    David Sarif and Natalie Tyler, Family Lawyers
    Learn how to prevent hackers from gaining unauthorized access to a client’s confidential information. Here’s why using “free” Wi-Fi is risky business.
  2. Financial
    Can QDROs be Entered Posthumously?
    By Tim Voit, Financial Analyst
    A QDRO can be entered, and must be honored, after the death of a plan participant – as long as it meets certain criteria.
  3. Client Relations
    How to Successfully Manage Your Clients’ Expectations
    By Danielle Easton, Consultant
    Nine tips for managing your clients’ expectations so you can maintain the best relationship possible.
  4. Legal Issues
    Surrogacy and the Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage
    By Evie Jeang, Family Lawyer
    Surrogacy laws have struggled to keep up with the breakneck pace of medical advances, and family law surrounding this relatively new field is ever-changing.

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