Spring 2014

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Special Discount for the 2014 National Conference on Divorce

Divorce Marketing Group is pleased to announce that our clients and members of our LinkedIn Group Marketing for Divorce Professionals are eligible to receive $100 off the registration fee of the upcoming National Conference on Divorce. The Conference will be held in Las Vegas on April 24-25, 2014, and will be attended by hundreds of family lawyers and financial professionals working in the divorce field. Click here to learn more and to register.

In this issue:

  1. Courtroom Strategies
    Courtroom Tips from the Top
    By Charles Fox Miller, Stephen Kolodny, Roger Dodd, Dorene Marcus, and Lynne Z. Gold-Bikin, Family Lawyers
    We asked five renowned lawyers from the Faculty of the Houston Family Trial Institute to share some of their insights on courtroom skills and strategies.
  2. Ethics
    When Friends Complicate Trials
    By John Browning, Trial Lawyer
    When does a judge’s use of social media violate canons of judicial ethics?
  3. Marketing
    A Mercedes-Benz Family Law Division?
    By Dan Couvrette, Marketing Consultant
    What if Mercedes-Benz could launch a Family Law Division? Why you need to look at your law firm like a business owner and consider the power of branding.
  4. Managing Your Firm
    Ask Not What Your Firm Can do for You
    By Marian Lee, Attorney and Professional Development Director
    Whether a lawyer has two partners or two hundred, the ability to keep a firm’s best interests in mind and think beyond the individual benefit is crucial to its success.
  5. Financial
    Standard of Value for Marital Dissolutions
    Shannon Pratt and Alina Niculita, Valuators
    At the core of the differences among jurisdictions on how to value businesses or practices for marital dissolution is the appropriate standard of value or definition of value.
  6. Custody
    The Many Benefits of Hiring a Parenting Consultant
    What legal professionals must know about the psychological term “acceptance”.
  7. Case Management
    Choose Your Strategic Partners Wisely
    By Scott Evans, Mortgage Banker
    By taking strategic, simple steps at the beginning of the negotiation process, divorce professionals can empower themselves by choosing their team of strategic partners wisely.

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