Fall 2014

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Call for Submissions to Family Lawyer Magazine – Deadline is Oct 30, 2014
We are working on two articles for the next issue, and we want YOU to be a part of them. Don’t miss this great opportunity to promote your practice and expertise!

1) Divorce Reform: What changes should be made to the family law system to make divorce better for spouses and their children? Or, do we need to adopt a new model altogether? To submit your suggestions, click here.

2) Incredible Divorce Stories: What are the most unbelievable requests/behaviors/sticking points you’ve seen in your practice from clients, their spouses, opposing counsels, or other divorce professionals? To submit your stories, click here.

In this issue:

  1. Practice Management
    Lawyer Reputation Management: What’s in an Avvo Rating?
    By Martha Chan, Marketing Expert for Family Lawyers
    Like it or not, your Avvo rating is available for all to see. You cannot ignore it; your rating is part of your online reputation, which could impact your practice.Special Needs Children
    By Michelle Smith, Financial Expert and Divorce Mediator
    The presence of a child with special needs in a divorce presents special issues that require you to view and listen to the case’s fact pattern differently than you would with other divorces.
  2. Financial
    Retaining a Financial Expert Early Pays Dividends
    By Michael J. Kresslein, Forensic Accountant
    A delay in retaining a financial expert can cause unnecessary problems and create extra work for both the expert and the attorney.Three Common Pitfalls in the Formulation of QDROS
    By Mark Altschuler, Actuary
    A look at the three main pitfalls facing lawyers needing QDROs for clients.
  3. Technology
    Overcoming the Top Five Billing Challenges
    By Rick Kabra, Technology Specialist
    Billing software can resolve issues you have with mobility, fee disputes, handling retainer fees, collections, and multiple billing models.The Paperless Practice
    By Peter Walzer, Family Lawyer
    Technology has made it possible to hold an entire filing cabinet in your pocket; the benefits to a paperless office are undeniable.
  4. Health and Well Being
    Zen and the Family Lawyer
    By Hal Stanton, Family Lawyer
    Learn the techniques to apply insights derived from Zen meditation to your practice of family law.

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