Fall 2013

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In this issue:

  1. Legal
    Taking Chafin vs. Chafin to the Supreme Court
    An Interview with Michael Manely, Family Lawyer
    A family law expert shares his insight and gives advice through his experiences with a U.S. Supreme Court case, and other international cases.
  2. Marketing
    12 Mistakes Family Law Firms Make on Their Website
    By Martha Chan, Marketing Consultant to Family Lawyers and Divorce Professionals
    Family lawyers need to ensure that their websites are high-functioning for their clients; avoid these common mistakes to better your online presence.
  3. Financial Matters
    Understanding Business Appraisal “Standards and Premises of Value”
    By Rob Schlegel, Appraiser, and Tim Mosier, Accountant
    The common standards and premises of business value are definitions that a business valuation appraiser uses, which can help you in the appraisal aspect of your practice.12 QDRO Mistakes to Avoid
    By Noah Rosenfarb and Robert Hetsler
    Be aware of common mistakes in splitting assets, pension or retirement plans. Download this free ebook exclusively from our website.
  4. Work-Life Balance
    Pursuing Excellence in Everything
    An interview with David Lee, Family Lawyer
    A top-rated Super Lawyer shares his perspective on maintaining standards of excellence and establishing work-life balance.
  5. Custody
    Protecting Your Clients in Parental Alienation Cases When the Courts Don’t
    By Plinio J Garcia, Consultant
    A collection of practical advice for attorneys and their clients that feel ethically-compelled to protect innocent children from parental alienation.
  6. Health and Well Being
    Go Away Just for the Health of It
    By Dr. Mel Borins, Family Physician and Speaker
    When stress and strain start to affect your productivity, consider going away on vacation to allow your body and mind to heal.
  7. Family Law News
    The Must-Attend Family Law Event of 2014 – The AICPA/AAML National Divorce Conference
    Carole Gailor, AAML Co-Chair of the AICPA/AAML 2014 National Divorce Committee
    Learn and interact with the best and brightest CPAs in litigation, divorce, valuation and taxation and recognized divorce attorneys to gain new solutions for your clients and practice. Register now to get the Early Bird discount. April 23-25 2014 in Las Vegas.

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