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Cape Coral Florida Men’s Rights Divorce Attorneys

The Men’s Rights Law Firm was established in 2003. They focus on men’s rights and their attorneys aggressively represent the interests of husbands and fathers involved in divorce and other family law matters. They serve clients in Lee, Collier, and Charlotte counties with locations in Cape Coral, Ft Myers, and Naples.

The Only Board Certified Marital & Family Law Attorney in Cape Coral

Led by Marital and Family Law Board Certified attorney Matthew P. Irwin, their team is experienced in dealing with divorce, custody, equitable distribution, alimony, child support, and paternity issues. They also handle appeals, in case you are dissatisfied with the result of your divorce case. Even though the legal system does not discriminate against dads, when it comes to custody, they prepare clients for a tough battle.

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★★★★★ Dustin Dahlberg
Matt and his team did an amazing job when it came time for my divorce and time sharing with my son. They went above and beyond my expectations and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone and everyone! Thanks again for all the help! Greatly appreciated.

★★★★★ Michael Steinke
I highly recommend this law firm. Matt Irwin is the Perry Mason of family law!!! He and his staff are what all family law offices should be measured by!!! Thank you for doing a great job!!!

★★★★★ Kevin Bodine
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

My experience with Men’s Rights Law Firm was stellar. From Julie to my personal lawyers Mr. Smith and Ms. Taylor Fagan they were top notch. They took the time to not only understand the dynamics of my case, they also took the time to understand me personally. In doing so, I felt they understood the complexity and difficulties surrounding my case and learning that I am a good man. They took the compassionate approach, remained sensitive to my needs, and helped me win an outcome I feel I deserved. I couldn’t be more happy with the firm. I can’t wait to have my daughter in my home and share all the wonderful things life has to offer us. Thank you so much for all that you did. What I thought was impossible and a dream you have made it possible and a reality. Thank you for believing in me and my case as I felt hopeless at times being a dad so far away and out of state. You guys walked me through every step of the way. I am forever grateful! Kevin and Kristen

★★★★★ Russ Spence
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Men’s Rights Law Firm was just great! Matthew Irwin makes you feel extremely comfortable from the first consultation. My case was assigned to Attorney Taylor Fagan and her assistant Julie. They were always very responsive, extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Paper work that can seem overwhelming was easily clarified and made simple. Divorce is definitely not a fun time but Taylor’s calm demeanor, knowledge and professionalism certainly puts you at ease. I felt they were always concerned about keeping my cost down by trying to resolve every issue as fast as possible. Thank you for helping during this difficult time.

★★★★★ Shawn French
Matthew Irwin and his law firm have gone above and beyond my expectations. He is professional, compassionate, and focused on doing what is best for my two children. He or one of his staff members are always there for me. Matthew and his paralegals keep me posted consistently. I had a previous attorney that did not help me one bit and was unwilling to get me equal time with my children. I was just another case number to my prior attorney. Matthew from day 1 was focused on my rights as a father. He is down to earth, intelligent and a master at his craft. It is because of him and his firm that I am able to sleep at night know that I have the best attorney on my side. I highly recommend Matthew Irwin. In fact, I have already referred someone to him. He is a class act and I’d be lost with him.

★★★★★ Christopher Bostic
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

After almost 2 years, I was at my wits end with my divorce. It literally consumed my life & made it extremely difficult to navigate life. After almost calling it quits, I gave one last effort to defend myself using this firm!

I THANK GOD I did! When I sat down with Matt Irwin & explained my situation, he made me feel completely comfortable with his expertise in knowing how to defend me against the onslaught of attacks from my now ex’s attorney. He recommended I sit down with one Harley Brook. I shared with Harley my 2 year battle..my desire to want nothing more than 50/50 time sharing with my 2 daughters & to have equal opportunity to be a parent.

In confidence, Harley assured me that if this needed to go to trial, they were more than willing to prepare! However, he was also confident that this could get resolved through mediation which had cost me so much in the past with absolutely NO results! I was skeptical, but put my trust in his expertise & I am so grateful I did! We settled the entire case at mediation & I was given my equal rights as a Father!! To Matt, Harley, Brianne & the rest of the firms incredible staff, THANK YOU!! THANK YOU for fighting for men’s rights! I highly recommended this firm to ANYONE going through a tough challenge wether it be from divorce or custody battle.

★★★★★ Jim Sweetman
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I just want you to know your law firm was a breath of fresh air after a previous experience with a different law firm. Your staff was always willing to take my calls & emails and respond quickly , particularly Julie, an absolute professional, Taylor and Larry for their legal knowledge , Ashlie , Marie and those I might forget to mention. They always made me feel as a valued client, Matt. I know you worked very hard on my case, and although it wasn’t the best outcome I would have desired, I am happy with the final results, again knowing you had my absolute best interests at heart. The Florida court system, I believe is just overwhelmed at this time with the virus and they just don’t have the time to examine each and every case as they would normally do. If the occasion arises, I will not hesitate, not for a moment in highly recommending your firm. Again, thank you Matt, you have a great staff. Keep fighting for all mens’ rights.

★★★★★ Robert DeMann
I would like to thank Matt and his staff. Mine was a difficult case that has covered many years. Throughout the case I could always count on him to keep me informed and quickly answer all my questions and concerns. I have heard horror stories about attorneys that would be slow and not keep the client updated. Matt is a true professional and he always made me feel that my case was important. Good job and thank you again.

★★★★★ Ed Garcia
I’ve been dealing with Matthew for many years he is truly a very honest and straight forward person and a great lawyer. I would highly recommend this firm to all of my family and friends.

★★★★★ Ryan Ingram
Absolutely the best thing I could have done – going to Men’s Rights Law Firm. I was near the end of a bitter divorce, and previous counsel I had retained was failing to give my case the attention I believed it deserved. With a mere 5 weeks to a scheduled 1 day Trial, Matt @ Men’s Rights Law Firm gave me that warm fuzzy feeling I had been lacking for the previous 14 months. He assigned Ginine Hanco and her paralegal Milly Blanco. I knew within the first 30 minutes that I had made the right choice. Ginine & Milly had their work cut out for them, and a lot to catch up on. Over the next 5 weeks, we had 3 hearing go in our favor and they were able to strategically put a case together that put enough fear into my ex-wife that an settlement offer was made the Friday before a scheduled Monday Trial. Ginine / Milly & Men’s Rights Law Firm fought for me and got a potential permanent alimony case settled with no, I repeat NO, alimony. All in all, my ex-wife took an offer that was less than what my original personal offer was 14 months ago. Men’s Rights Law Firm cleaned up a mess that my prior attorneys made, and absolutely came through for me! I would recommend this Firm to anyone that wants to come out on top. Everyone at their Firm is very polite and professional, they are ‘extremely’ fair with their billing. Ginine was exactly what my case needed, and she answered all of my questions and concerns – Day or Night, even on the Weekends. Thank you all so much!!!!!!

5 Star Reviews: dexknows.com

★★★★★ Rocco
I went through a nasty divorce and had hired an attorney but only to be disappointed as they could not seem to make any leverage with my ex. I was not permitted to see my kids and she wanted to make sure the divorce dragged out to keep me spending money. I hired Matthew Irwin at the firm and he went to addressing the issues holding back nothing. The smartest straight forward guy ever. Very nice, ethical, always professional and extremely good at the art of law. He won my case and I would recommend him any day.

★★★★★ Happy in Cape Coral
My Divorce was just recently finalized and the result was exactly what I wanted. I was Represented By Attorney Terrence M. DeSalvo Jr. Esq. and assisted by Paralegal Brianne Waszmer. These individuals displayed a high level of competence in the manner in which they organized the huge amount of Financial Data involved to best represent my case. You can’t go wrong with this team!

★★★★★ Edward
Matthew Irwin eased my worries about all the confusing legal jargen and guided me in making the right decisions – not only for my best interest, but what was in my son’s best interest. With his help, I was able to double the time I had with my son, thus allowing me to continue to raise my son as his father and not just that guy he had to see every now and then. Matthew has a Paralegal that works with him. She is a great resource and became the perfect in-between contact if Matthew was not available at the time I needed something. Jamie in the front was always there for us when we needed further guidance and was also a pleasure to work with. The whole staff works well as a team and fights for you as if you are a family member. I felt very confident every time I was with them as if I had an army behind me. This is a great firm and I highly recommend them if you have any troubles with your current situation or like me, where my past came back to haunt me… Talk to Matthew now! He will help you. LADIES, if you are fearful that your husband might obtain legal council, I recommend you hire Matthew (and his team) before your husband does. They will defend you better since they know men’s rights better than anyone! So, do not let the firm’s name steer you away. Get Matthew Irwin before HE does. I know that my case would have gone to hell in a handbasket if I didn’t have Matthew on my side.

★★★★★ Tony
Matt & Stefanie took point on my divorce and I couldn’t be happier with their professionalism. What I saw as a nightmare and destined for the Springer show, they handled without flinching. My Ex was out of state and determined to take me for everything and drag things out as long as possible. My desire to get the divorce over as soon as possible prompted them to swiftly hire an out of state process server to track her down to serve her. They were on top of things as the deadlines for her to respond/counter passed. Despite my Ex’s threats of a last minute showing in court (ended up an empty threat), Mr. Irwin was well prepared to bring his “A” game and nail her to wall if necessary. While my desire for a quick end to a nightmare marriage may have left me on the short end of the stick, I did get the home which was all I was asking for (and a bonus, via an equalizer payment).It’s never nice to have to go through such a situation, but it happens, and I’m glad I chose Mens Rights to represent me. They were up front from the start and answered all my questions as they came up. Their well itemized invoices showed exactly where the money was going so there was never any fear about being taken by my ex, AND my lawyer.

★★★★★ Granville S.
Not knowing the steps to take to achieve my divorce, I found Men’s Rights Law Firm online and made the phone call. The free phone consultation was the first step and from there, they took me step by step from start to finish. Being an over the road truck driver, all of my business was conducted through e-mail or by phone which made it much easier on me. Attorney Matthew and his paralegal, Stefanie, were there for me answering any questions that I may have had. At mediation, Attorney Irwin represented me totally and in a very professional manner. A special thanks to Attorney Irwin and the entire staff at Men’s Rights Law Firm. I have absolutely no regrets with the choice I made.

★★★★★ Greatful to hire this firm.
I have interviewed divorce attorneys in the past and never seen the professionalism, confidence, leadership, aggressiveness, knowledge, experience and caring like what I have received from Mens Right Law Firm. They were totally understanding and not pushy and did everything on my terms. I felt relaxed and knew everything was taken care of by the best, Larry and Stephanie. Thank you so much for all your hard work in my time of need. Mens Right Law Firm is the law firm to hire on your team. They truly do care about their clients.

★★★★★ Ian
These are top notch people! The entire staff. They make you feel like your part of their family. Ginine Hanco is a friendly and knowledgeable Attorney. And aggressive. Your concerns are her concerns. Her assistant Milly is also friendly and knowledgeable. The whole staff I can’t say enough good things about. Communication is an A++. I HIGHLY recommend them as your attorneys.

★★★★★ Jesse
Without going into personal detail, Matthew was able to quickly and efficiently get me the results I wanted. His team handled my case with the expertise I expected and answered any legal questions I had. Their skill set along with after hours communication was well worth the slight additional cost compared to other firms who I feel would not haven’t taken care of me as well.

★★★★★ Scott
after talking to several other divorce attorneys I decided on men’s rights. they were up front about the cost and gave me a discount because I am a veteran. Everything they did was explained as we went thru the process. all went smoothly and quite fast. I’m very happy I went with them and I highly recommend them.

★★★★★ Robert and Christy S.
I have worked with several Lawyers over the year’s and Matt was the very first that actually acted like his heart was in my case…He made me feel like He really cared and that i wasn’t just another case to Him…These days that’s very hard to find… As far as we’re concerned, He is our Lawyer forever now….they have Great people in the office that treat you like a person instead of a number.

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