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Federal Retirement Plans in Divorce – Strategies & Issues
By Tim Voit.
This insightful guide has been used in CLE programs, and paralegal studies, where it has served as an excellent resource in divorce cases involving pensions and divorce. Hardcover ($129.95) and Ebook ($59.95) is available for purchase here.

Assisted Reproductive Technology: A Lawyer’s Guide to Emerging Law and Science, Second Edition
By Charles P. Kindregan and Maureen McBrien
Released in December of 2010, this 447-page paperback is an update of the first edition, and covers important recent developments in the A.R.T. area. While still in a nascent stage, A.R.T. is inevitably becoming a part of every family law attorney’s practice. This book is available at $89.95 regular price and $74.95 through the ABA’s Section of Family Law.

Forms, Checklists, and Procedures for the Family Lawyer
By Mark Chinn
Containing over 100 forms and policies, Chinn divides this book into chapters that follow the typical progress of a case. All the items are contained on the CD in Word and PDF to be downloaded and customized for use. Topics include client intake, initial stages of representation, administrative tasks, case management, settlement, mediation, discovery, litigation, trial and file closing. Legal forms are not included as they are very state specific. The price is $69.95 regular and $59.95 for Section of Family Law.

Navigating Emotional Currents in Collaborative Divorce: A Guide to Enlightened Team Practice
By Kate Scharff and Lisa Herrick
Designed for use by all professionals in the Collaborative Divorce area, this book/CD package offers a roadmap for navigating the Collaborative process as it pertains to the emotional point of view. Scharff and Herrick address the unconscious factors that can play a role in the way clients think and feel, and this book addresses the need to develop an understanding of the dynamics underlying the client’s thoughts and feelings to help them navigate the Collaborative process. Price is $69.95 regular and $59.95 for Section of Family Law.

Premarital Agreements: Drafting and Negotiation
By Linda J. Ravdin
Consisting of 492 pages and a CD-ROM, this clearly written primer focuses on the fundamentals of these agreements and explains the most critical aspects involved in creating a premarital agreement. Beginning with a summary of the criteria for validity, Ravdin examines the elements of a valid agreement and covers all 50 states and DC. It goes on to address terms regarding nonfinancial issues, terms regulating the ongoing marriage, spousal support and attorney’s fees. Regular price is $139.95 and ABA Section of Family Law price is$119.95.

The Forensic Accounting Deskbook: A Practical Guide to Financial Investigation and Analysis for Family Lawyers
By Miles Mason, Sr.
The Forensic Accounting Deskbook is designed to provide a basic introduction to the core financial concepts in divorce and the assist in understanding the practice of forensic accounting and business valuation. Consisting of 374 pages plus a CD-ROM, the book is priced at $159.95, with a Section of Law price of $129.95.

The Lawyer’s Business Valuation Handbook: Understanding Financial Statements, Appraisal Reports, and Expert
Testimony, Second Edition

By Shannon Pratt and Alina V. Niculita
This 672-page concise paperback was updated in 2010, and includes practical explanations of definitions of value, professional credentials and standards, commonly used terminology, recognized and accepted valuation methods and commonly used bodies of empirical evidence. Price is $149.95 regular and $124.95 for Section of Family Law. Available here.

How Good Attorneys Become Great Rainmakers
By Mark Powers & Shawn McNalis
Provides you with the easy, practical action plan that helps you develop the marketing skills and habits needed to attract higher value clients and referral sources.
Available at:

Time Management for Attorneys: A Lawyers Guide to Decreasing Stress, Eliminating Interruptions and Getting Home on Time
By Mark Powers & Shawn McNalis
Time-tested time management techniques learned over years of working with lawyers. The book is an easy-to-use guide just for attorneys with real-life examples, exercises, and client case studies and a CD containing over 50 practice-specific forms.
Available at:

A Primer on Pension Valuations in Divorce
By Mark K. Altschuler
A Primer on Pension Valuations in Divorce is an important introduction and overview to the intricacies of pension valuations and is now available for your free online usage. The primer includes an explanation of the mechanics of a present value calculation in layman’s terms. Also included is a discussion of how Coverture is used in specific states across the nation. Available at:

Retirement Plan Benefits & QDROs in Divorce
By Tim Voit
A thorough look at evaluating pensions and drafting QDROs. This is a book dedicated to helping you navigate the complex topics that can be found in divorce cases that involve pensions. Available at:

Expert Fraud Investigation: A Step-by-Step Guide
By Tracy L. Coenen
This guide presents the ins and outs of expert fraud investigation for those need a clear picture of how it’s done. Written by an expert with years of experience performing hundreds of these investigations. Understand how and when fraud occurs, and what to do when it does.  Available at:

CPA’s Handbook of Fraud and Commercial Crime Prevention
By Tracy L. Coenen
A handbook which will fill you in on everything you need to know about fraud and how to prevent it. A valuable resource for those who believe there is fraud to be proven or those who simply want to put a stop to it before it starts. Available at:

Pension Issues & Divorce
By QdroDesk
This  manual is a helpful reference when it comes to all things involving pensions, as well as other retirement accounts, in divorce cases. A must-read for anyone unfamiliar with pension valuation. Available at:



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