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When you’re on the go, bring your files with you on your iPhone or iPad. Dropbox allows you to share files from your PC with your apple products. You can also add files to your “favorites” for fast, offline viewing, as well as easily upload photos and videos. You can share your files and photos freely with other professionals, friends, and family. You can download Dropbox here.

Notetaker HD
With Notetaker HD you’re tablet becomes an infinite stack of paper that can be organized instantly. Using your fingers or a PC pen you can produce handwritten notes, diagrams— anything that you can do with a pen or paper. It even allows you to import pictures and PDF files and mark them up. You can also copy and duplicate your files.  To find out more, click here.

GoToMyPC app
GoToMyPC enables fast, easy and secure remote access to a Mac or PC from any web browser. It allows you to travel anywhere with your files. You can work away from home. To learn more, visit:

Citrix Apps
The Citrix Receiver app provides secure access to corporate applications and documents, effectively allowing the user to take their office with them anywhere they go. The Citrix GoToMeeting app makes it easy lawyer to collaborate from anywhere via online meetings effortlessly. Find out more at:

PDF Expert Professional
PDF Expert Professional reads acrobat PDF files on the go. Once you turn on the WiFi network Drive option, you can turn PDF Expert into a portable flash drive, allowing you to store and share files. You can also draw on and mark up your PDF files. It also allows you to fill out PDF forms and sign you signature on your documents.  To find out more, please click here.

2012 California Law (All 29 Codes)
The California statutes are compiled in this app for light and fast browsing anytime you need to look up the law. Click here to find out more.

Certified by the Judicial Council, DissoMaster is a popular app that calculate support in California. The app is used by many lawyers in courtrooms. Find out more here:

Skype iPad
With the internet at your hands, the Skype app allows you to make phone and video calls to other professionals, friends are family. Many family lawyers use this app to hold conference calls and meetings. Find out more here:

Law Guide & Law Dictionary 
By TheLaw Network, LLC
This free guide is available for both iPhone and Android, and includes a dictionary of 7,500 legal definitions; discussion forums; legal forms; directories; law reviews; searching and browsing; and separate law areas, including family law. All features of the app are available offline.

Law Guide & Law Dictionary 
By TheLaw Network, LLC
This free guide is available for both iPhone and Android, and includes a dictionary of 7,500 legal definitions; discussion forums; legal forms; directories; law reviews; searching and browsing; and separate law areas, including family law. All features of the app are available offline.

Fastcase is a legal research service that puts a comprehensive national law library and smarter and more powerful searching, sorting, and visualization tools at your fingertips. A multitude of lawyers already utilize Fastcase, and in addition to computers, Version 2.1 is now available for free at

Black’s Law Dictionary, 9th Edition
West Services Inc.
Edited by Bryan A. Garner, the 9th edition contains more than 45,000 terms (2,000 more than the 8th edition), alternate spellings or equivalent expressions for more than 5,300 terms, and West key numbers. It also features audio pronunciations for thousands of hard-to-say legal terms, the ability to bookmark terms for quick reference, and a Word of the Day. Nearly 3,000 quotations from sources over five centuries are included, as well as definitions of more than 1,000 law-related abbreviations and acronyms. Available from the iTunes App Store for $54.99. For more info, go to the website.

Evidence: Trial Presentation App for the iPad
Evidence allows attorneys to easily load images and documents onto their iPad and present them via Apple’s iPad VGA Adapter in court or any venue. Engineered for simplicity and stability, Evidence allows you to specify the files you wish to present using iTunes then sync them to your iPad. Once your docs are loaded you have the ability to scale, highlight, and annotate them on a preview window – then publish to projector or external monitor. Evidence is built for relatively small cases of 200 or less documents, though it can support up to 2 gigabytes of documents and images. Download Evidence from the App Store for $4.99 or visit the website.

Enables you to organize all your documents at your fingertips. View by name, filetype or custom folders. Thumbnail previews help you quickly identify and select your documents. Use the quick toolbar to mark, annotate and save. Features: easily import all your documents and media; supports images, PDFs and .mov video files; move, rename and delete documents with one touch; present documents using VGA adaptor; fast one-touch toolbar; pan, zoom, highlight, use color pens or laser pointer tool. Download from the App Store for $9.99.

A powerful legal document management and presentation tool developed for the legal profession for use in a trial, hearing, or ADR setting. TrialPad enables you to organize, manage, annotate, and store your documents and video while leveraging the portability of your iPad. TrialPad was designed by professional trial consultants who have helped lawyers present at trial for more than a decade. Unlike PDF readers, it lets you create separate case folders, organize and sort important documents, and dynamically annotate and present them via its flexible output options. TrialPad’s plug and play simplicity, and intuitive user interface, literally puts your next presentation into your hands. Available for $89.95 from the App Store.

Timeline Eons
This free app for iPhone and iPad is a graphic representation of the entire natural and human history. The full Timeline Eons version ($5.99) also offers: management tools to add, edit, and delete events; anniversary reminders for birthdays, special occasions, and significant events; export and import functions to share events with other devices; can be used as a diary, for project management, wedding planning, and much more; no banner ads and more rendering space. Available from the App Store.

ABA Journal for iPad/iPhone
American Bar Association
This free guide enables the reading of breaking legal news, updated as it happens throughout every business day, plus in-depth monthly magazine articles, for free wherever you are. The ABA Journal is the United States’ most respected legal magazine, read by half the nation’s 1.1 million lawyers every month. It covers the trends, people and finances of the legal profession from Wall Street to Main Street to Pennsylvania Avenue.

iMindMap Online is a mind-mapping tool devised to get you connecting and creating wherever you are. iMindMap Online lets you Mind Map anywhere in the world, simply by logging on. Share maps with other users and even collaborate on maps in real time on the web. Use it as a standalone product, or alongside your desktop version so you can access your most up to date maps wherever you are thanks to ThinkBuzan Cloud. iMindMap Online gives you complete freedom to connect.

Mint is a free desktop counterpart that allows you to manage your monthly expenses, analyzing them and getting a firm grasp of your finances, as you prepare for your divorce cases. It offers a user friendly service that provides contact with multiple banks, as well as the ability to connect to your various accounts. Find out more about the app here:

Good Reader
This app provides users with a tool to better read PDFs, letting you read them in a page-flipping format much like an actual book. On top of this, Good Reader also gives you free reign to highlight, annotate, and bookmark legal documents you might not otherwise be able to. Find out more about this app, only $4.99, at their website:

BeeDocs Timeline 3D
Available to use on either an iPad or desktop, this app allows you to take information about your client’s case and transform it into a graphic, interactive 3D timeline. This timeline can then be used in court as an effective visualization as you argue your case. You can download this innovative app for $10.99 at the App Store, and learn more at:

Family Law Software’s Child Support Calculator
Available for a few key states, Family Law Software offers individual apps that can come up with a quick support calculation in just a few seconds. These calculations can be emailed to you or your clients, and utilized in calculations using the full program. To download free apps for Illinois, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut visit the App Store.

iSplit Divorce
An app specifically created for dividing marital estate with a visual component; the perfect tool for mediation or deciding divorce settlements. Assets become icons on a screen which you can then move back and forth, allowing both parties to see who will get what as well as a total that changes with each move. When you’re done this information can be emailed to both parties involved. For more information you can visit their website at, or simply purchase it for $4.99 at the App Store.

The purpose of this free app is simple: take a picture of any document and convert that into a PDF. This can be done to copy pleadings or orders from a court file, or to just make an easy-to-read version of a document with only one copy. One additional use is to pick and choose between pages of what is important and what is not, taking only what you need.  More info can be found on their website.

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