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Family Lawyer MagazineFamily Lawyer MagazineFamily Lawyer Magazine is a publication that is dedicated to the professional and personal excellence if family law attorneys.  We offer articles, interviews and podcasts that help family law attorneys be more effective and efficient for their clients and their practice. The magazine is also here to help family lawyers live a balanced life. You can view a list of family lawyers and professionals who can help attorneys with their cases and improve their practice on our Professional Listing.

All issues of Family Lawyer Magazines are availabe for download on this website.

If you wish to contribute content to Family Lawyer Magazine, please contact our Editorial Director, Diana Shepherd, at diana@divorcemarketinggroup.com. You can view a list ofexperts who have contributed articles to us here.

Owned and Published by Divorce Marketing Group

Family Lawyer Magazine is owned by Divorce Marketing Group, the only one-stop marketing agency dedicated to helping family lawyers and divorce professionals grow their practice. Our clients can focus on their practice when the trust the marketing to us. We have been helping family lawyers and divorce professionals since 1996. Yo u can view our portfolio here: Divorce Marketing Group also publishes Divorce Magazine.

The services we offer include:

– website design and promotion

– mobile websites

– podcast and video marketing

– logo and firm brochure design

-pay per click advertising campaign management

– writing services for website content

We also offer products to enrich our clients websites, including:

– 9 Divorce Guides

-monthly divorce enewsletter

– free download of Divorce Magazine

Divorce MagazineFamily Lawyer Magazine is published twice a year in print and as digital issues. Divorce Marketing Group also publishes Divorce Magazine which has one digital edition or each state and province anda printed edition for California, New Jersey/New York, lllinois and Ontario.

To advertise with us, please contact our CEO and Publisher, Dan Couvrette, at 866.803.6667 124 x or atinfo@divorcemarketinggroup.com.


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