Family Lawyer Magazine Spring 2017 Issue

For Immediate Release – The Spring 2017 issue of Family Lawyer Magazine offers a special bonus: a 16-page Marketing Guide for Family Lawyers.

Hot off the press: the third edition of the popular Marketing Guide for Family Lawyers comes as a special bonus with the Family Lawyer Magazine Spring 2017 Issue! Articles include “Poor Online Ratings and Fake Reviews,” “Does Your Website Get You Clients?” “Your Law Firm’s Video Plan,” “Marketing from a Lawyer’s Perspective,” and “Marketing: Planning for Success.”

You went to law school to become a lawyer, but now you may find yourself spending more time managing staff, dealing with new technology, trying to attract new clients, or billing existing clients than actually practicing law. Especially for small firms and solo practitioners, you need to be able to think like a successful business owner to build or maintain a thriving law firm.

This issue has a special focus on practice management, client relations, and marketing – all of which are absolutely vital to a prosperous practice. How can you reduce errors in files and time spent on daily tasks? What can you delegate, outsource, or automate – without negatively impacting your clients’ experience?

To help answer some of these questions, take a look at:

  • Saving time and money by going paperless: see “5 Practical Tips for a Paperless Family Law Office” to learn how to switch (page 8).
  • “6 Ways to Improve Client Relations”, which offers strategies for maintaining office productivity, increasing your firm’s success, and improving client relations (page 14).
  • “What Drives a Client’s Financial Attitudes and Goals?”, which will help you to figure out your client’s true motivations and goals (page 10).
  • The third edition of our Marketing Guide for Family Lawyers (after page 24). This special supplement provides six bonus articles to help improve your marketing results, get back on track, or get started.

For resources and referrals, check the “Professional Directory” (page 43) or visit our website, which offers hundreds of useful and relevant articles.

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