5 Rules for Blogging on this Website

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  1. You must be an experienced professional working in the divorce and family law arena or an expert who provides services to them. You also must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions in the Contribution Agreement for Writers.
  2. Your Blog Post:
    • Should be about 1,200 words in length; minimum 600 words and maximum 2,500 words.
    • Must be highly relevant to family lawyers and other professionals working in the family law/divorce arena.
    • Must be clear, easy to read, and ready for publishing.
    • Cannot be an advertorial for your service or product.
    • Can be an excerpt from your non-fiction book.
    • Should preferably be original and not previously published on the Internet. We will consider articles that have been posted on your own blog/website or another niche website with limited readership; such an article must include a disclosure: “A version of this article originally appeared on www.My Blog.com.
    • However, to make your blogging commitment a little easier for you, we will accept the following exceptions to the above rule:
      • If you are blogging six times a year for us, two out of those six annual posts may have been posted on your own website/blog before appearing on FamilyLawyerMagazine.com.
      • If you are blogging 12 times a year for us, four out of the 12 annual posts may have been posted on your own website/blog before appearing on FamilyLawyerMagazine.com.
      • In both cases, you must add a line to the end of the article stating where it originally appeared; e.g., “A version of this article originally appeared on www.YourBlog.com
  3. When we publish your Post:
    1. You will receive attribution in the form of a byline linked to your Profile Page. Your Profile will also appear at the bottom of each of your Posts
    2. You agree not to post the article elsewhere online – with the exception of your own website or blog.
    3. FamilyLawyerMagazine.com reserves the right to edit the article for content, house style, length, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and to add one or more images to the article.
    4. FamilyLawyerMagazine.com reserves the right to keep the content on the website indefinitely.
    5. You retain ownership and copyright of the original, pre-edited article.
  4. We will remove offensive language or overt self-promotion; we reserve the right to edit or delete posts.
  5. Posts intentionally promoting hatred based on gender, race, religion, etc. – and the account associated with the post if this is a “second strike” – will be deleted.

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