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About Whiting, Ross, Abel & Campbell, LLP

A Recognized Leader in Matrimonial Law in the San Francisco Bay Area

Whiting, Ross, Abel & Campbell devotes its practice exclusively to matrimonial matters, providing representation in all aspects of sophisticated and complex California family law and domestic conflicts for their clients with high assets. Their attorneys are conscientious, skilled, and ethical advocates who achieve the best possible outcome for their clients in and out of court.

There Is Strength in Numbers

Whiting, Ross, Abel & Campbell was founded in 1981, has 10 family law attorneys with 196 combined years of experience, and 8 of them are Certified Family Law Specialists.

Whiting, Ross, Abel & Campbell, Recognized Leader in Matrimonial Law

101 Ygnacio Valley Rd., Suite 250
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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Five Star Reviews: Google

★★★★★ Atul M.

“Attorney Daniel Cantrell represented me in an extremely complicated divorce case, which involved custody of my daughter, alimony, child support, etc. and on top of that my ex had obtained a Domestic violence restraining order preventing me from seeing my 8-month-old child.

At the beginning of my case, I was completely lost and hopeless. Only after Daniel took over my case (I had another attorney who was doing nothing) I felt that I had a chance to present my innocence and have a fair trial. Daniel at the very first hearing presented the court with facts, and evidence. […] Daniel is very sharp and remembers all the details.

My ex’s attorney was no match for Daniel. […] By the end of a 6-month long trial my ex changed 6 Attorneys, not even one had the knowledge, experience, and skills to match Daniel.

In conclusion, The Domestic Violence restraining order was dismissed, my ex was charged with making a false statement under oath, the best was that the Judge gave me the custody of my daughter.

It wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Daniel, he is a great attorney and a wonderful person by heart! Daniel knows the Law (he is an expert), he is well respected in the court, and you will often see other attorneys coming to him for advice. If you want to win your case? Hire Daniel!”

★★★★★ Fred Cefalu

Five Star Reviews: Yelp

★★★★★ Michael D.

“I used Andy Ross to clean up a terrible mess my previous attorney left me in.  Given the remains of my divorce negotiations, he had every right to turn me down as a client.  But he took me on.  His rates are high but well worth it.  He does not waste time and money on meaningless issues with opposing counsel.  He is highly respected by judges and opposing counsels and gets his way most of the time because he negotiates for tough but fair deals.  I found him through a personal referral and the firm that referred him is one of the most exclusive divorce firms in San Francisco.  Whiting, Fallon, Ross, and Abel is one of the if not the most respected firms for divorces in Contra Costa County.  Don’t let their hourly rates put you off, they are very efficient in their time and get excellent results.  I have referred several friends to Mr. Ross and all got excellent results.”

★★★★★ Hollis O.

“William F. Whiting, Esq. was my attorney during a multi-year litigation case after a three-decades-long marriage.  The fact that Atty. Whiting has practiced matrimonial law for more than 40 years, coupled with his exceptional expertise in case and time management skills, made me feel assured that the end result would be favorable, as it was.  His broad knowledge of the legal process, the formulation of a much-needed support team, and his insight into legal areas I would have no knowledge of, all made for a positive as well as an assertive approach to resolution.

Although his representation is not inexpensive, the value of sticking to principles in the pursuit of a mutually agreeable solution cannot be underestimated.  Where Atty. Whiting shines is in the negotiation process.  He is forward-thinking and pays much attention to every detail.  The ability to think “out of the box” and quickly, is his forte.  Because he is so experienced, he is able to assess and propose alternative solutions at every level of negotiation in order to keep the process moving to achieve final closure.

Atty. Whiting will stand by you, and, therefore, I highly recommend his services.”

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